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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

There's a poem that states... April showers bring May flowers, but this April has been quite an unusual one and does not conjure up or feel like the Aprils of my childhood. Those April days were warm and sunny, I haven't seen one of those days since. I missed them very much but even than, I had my rainy day limits when I  just wanted to play outdoors without getting wet, so I reverted back to my childhood with this cute little poem remember this?

My prayers go out to the families in Tuscaloosa Alabama and other area's in the south that has been devastated by  the tornado that hit this April, for some of us across the country the spring weather has not been very nice.

video credits: Youtube and Super Simple Songs.com


  1. Hi Vetsy,
    We've had cooler temps and more rain than usual, too. The last few days have been pretty nice, though, and since I was not in the habit of watering, the newer planted flowers are wilting. Hopefully, they will snap out of it.

    You asked about butter and eggs. They have yellow blooms that look like little snapdragons. They get about 8 to 10 inches tall.

  2. I have the news on right now, and they are talking about the storms that have devastated different places. They survivors are in my prayers, too.

  3. I was touched to watch some of these survivors stories on the news and how most of them said they were praying the whole time. I just can't even imagine how scared they were.
    We have had very little precipitation but very cold temps. I keep waiting for things to get growing but it is slow up here in the mountains for us.
    Thanks for your comment. Take care, Vetsy!

  4. We could use some rain. Send us some.

  5. Sue thanks for stopping by and leaving a description of the butter and egg plants. I like the uniqueness of snapdragons, and now I know how pretty butter and eggs will be in bloom.

    Rosey..I'm still in awe of that tornado and the destruction it left. The people touched by this storm I'm sure will appreciate all of our prayers and concern.

    Ann..I'll work on sending over some rain.

  6. The tornado is reported in the papers here as well. Sorry for those for have lost their homes.

    Recently we have lots of rain here. Thanks for the song. Yes, I hope it will really go away ;-)

  7. I too am tired of the rain, but grateful that here in Illinois, we haven't had anything destructive. Prayers to all of those who lost loved ones or their homes.

  8. Thank you Stephanie.

    Michele nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by.

  9. We have so much rain here too Vetsy - I have bought sooo many gumboots this year already it's not funny. Oh well...

  10. Heather I feel like a tadpole. I'm not liking our spring weather this year.
    "oh well, nothing to do but wait.

  11. Dear Vetsy, The weather has improved here this week, with less rain and just a little bit warmer. I hope it is better in your home town, too. P x

  12. Thanks Pam It's much better. I think the rain is gone for now...Whew! I have had three nice days of sunshine and hope that it will continue.