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Thursday, November 17, 2011

What's really in the food? The A to Z of the food industry's most evil ingredients

 I discovered this article ( What's really in the food? The A to Z of the food industry's most evil ingredients) by way of an author of Word-press called

( righteouschoices). I found that many of her articles whether they are written by her or linked by her on current events are quite interesting and informative. Below the article on the evil's of the food industry is written by author Mike Adams the Health Ranger editor of NaturalNews.com.

Mike Adams will keep you informed and educated about the dangerous practices of the food industry and why it's important to grow your own foods. I find his website relevant to those of us who care about our health and enjoy gardening for both it's therapeutic and nutritional value.

Take a look... What's really in the food? The A to Z of the food industry's most evil ingredients


  1. Hi Vesty. I am glad to see that you are still posting. I went to the site that you posted to read the list of food additives. YUCK. My little granddaughter has a huge problem with red dye # 40. She is very good and asking if red foods have red dye and not eating them. Looking back on how we were raised: my mom cooked real food. She was a good cook, too. And we ate what dad grew and killed. He was a big game hunter so we grew up on elk and deer meat. He didn't like pork and they never bought beef. I really try to avoid those processed foods. Thanks for sharing the list.

  2. Ann your parents way of life and diet as you were growing up is a wonderful testament to the variations of healthy foods and diets that can be consumed. It is a goal of mine to change my life style as far as how and what I eat. It has been a slow process, but it is a process that will certainly become a permanent one.

    Growing my own food, buying from local organic farmers and like you.....I have cut out processed foods. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great to hear from you Vetsy! Thanks for posting this informative list....I may not want to look at it right before Thanksgiving though! lol.

    I've definitely become more aware of the food I eat since I started growing my own vegetables. You're right that it's a slow process to change your lifestyle, especially when it's SO easy to get processed/junk food. But doing something is better than nothing, no?