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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Garden design Ideas to Inspire you from the Indoors and out and Out

Once I have found my permanent home here in the south I will get back into gardening full swing but for now, I will have to settle for collecting house plants.

 Today I had some time off from work and decided for fun and inspiration to do some research on both house plants and gardening online and found this website called  DIG  by accident while researching for No-Dig-garden ideas......http://diggardensnursery.com/interior/

DIG stands for Design Interior Garden.  I'm impressed with both their indoor and outdoor garden design ideas. I find them fun, unique, and inspirational and although this online Magazine is based out of California it's indoor and outdoor garden design concepts can be used anywhere.

  Check them out I'm certain you'll like them too...Click here to see and  learn more..design

photo credits: http://diggardensnursery.com/interior/


  1. Cool website. I love some that yellow wall with the red bench and all those plants. What a great look that is.

  2. Linda I love this site, I think it is the coolest! It's the Fabulosity for creative plant design.

  3. I will surely be checking this site out.
    Glad the ornaments arrived. :)

  4. Rosey they have lots of unique Ideas that I can't wait to try.

  5. I will have to visit that site. During the winter I spend a lot of time looking for ideas. I've actually bought a few houseplants this year, we'll see how long they last. :)

  6. These are pretty! And it's nice to have something to do that is garden-related while I wait for things to warm up so I can get back outside. Happy New Year! Best wishes for 2012!

  7. Catherine we are all on the same page. I bought some Hyacinths yesterday to put me in a spring like mood.

    Angie yes I agree, garden related ideas always cheer me up when I feel gloomy in the winter months.

  8. I do all sorts of indoor gardening!
    I need flowers all the time to cheer me so I grow them indoors in the winter!
    Happy 2012!

  9. Sherry I love it when I share a common bond with my blogger friends...Hope this year is the best you have had yet!

  10. Hi Vetsy...how are you?

    I've been looking around for terrarium containers and I like the Bubble Terrarium on this website. Thanks.

    Would love to do more with houseplants but our cat gets into everything.

    Hope you're enjoying a warmer winter than in MI. Happy 2012 to you, my blogger friend.


  11. Thanks Donna..Yes the winter months here in the south has certainly been balmy but it has also been nice I heard from my relatives back in Michigan. I was feeling sad for them because I thought that they would have the same old freeze you to pieces winter months but so far it's been good for both them and myself.

  12. Lol, just think of this time as winter in MI--you wouldn't be in the garden yet anyway! :) Love all the photos, esp. the top right one, of the clear glass holder that looks like a doorknob! :)

  13. Monica I like that one too...

  14. Where've you been, lovely lady? Hope all is well.

  15. Thanks Donna I have been all tied up! Plan to get blogging again soon. Thanks for checking on me.