Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Garden design Ideas to Inspire you from the Indoors and out and Out

Once I have found my permanent home here in the south I will get back into gardening full swing but for now, I will have to settle for collecting house plants.

 Today I had some time off from work and decided for fun and inspiration to do some research on both house plants and gardening online and found this website called  DIG  by accident while researching for No-Dig-garden ideas......http://diggardensnursery.com/interior/

DIG stands for Design Interior Garden.  I'm impressed with both their indoor and outdoor garden design ideas. I find them fun, unique, and inspirational and although this online Magazine is based out of California it's indoor and outdoor garden design concepts can be used anywhere.

  Check them out I'm certain you'll like them too...Click here to see and  learn more..design

photo credits: http://diggardensnursery.com/interior/