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Monday, April 8, 2013

Birds, Bees and Blooms welcome Spring

It's been looking very springish her in my neck of the woods... In fact I believe that spring has sprung!

Yesterday I took a stroll through my local parks ( Cleveland, Hatcher Garden and Miliken and found quite a few things in bloom.  If you can recall I'm the Northern girl with Southern roots ( South Carolina ) who relocated  from  Michigan . In Michigan it doesn't get warm enough for things to bloom until the middle of May.

 I have always associated Robins with spring, but I have read some where that robins aren't actually the first sign of  spring...  I read that some migrate south while others hide all winter in the forest and when the weather is warmer..they appear out in the open.. thus the reason some of us associate them with the
 ( first sign of spring ) 'Mmm I must research this more..


Azelea's are synonymous with spring in the south. They welcome you with their vibrant colors. Below I found one that had two different colors on one shrub.

Bees were all over this cherry tree... I think it's a crab apple or cherry...Rats! I thought I knew my trees.

 Below is another photo of the same tree as above, do correct me on what it is... They were in bloom all over the park.... ( Cleveland ).

                          Below:  Dogwoods of course were also in bloom.

                                   A Mamma goose and her egg......

                                         A Whole nest of  them...... 

                                           Irises aren't they lovely......

                                Below:    Geese bathing.....

                                     Below:   A duck on one foot.....

   I almost missed this dragonfly hidden in the leaves it was almost transparent...

Where ever  you are my blogging friends and visitors alike.... May spring present it's signs to you soon it's on it's way.


  1. Spring has finally arrived in my area. Your pictures are great. I love the nest of eggs. I have robins year round in my yard, so I look for other signs of spring's official arrival. Daffodils are my sign!

  2. @ rmgale- Thanks for commenting and dropping by. Yippee for Spring! I will be sure to visit your blog as well! I have so many spelling errors! sorry, I was excited and in a hurry. Will correct them when I get home. See you soon!

  3. It is nIce to see geese and ducks living freely in the park like that. And that the mama goose is such a loving mum. It's always summer at my place but I am so excited for you. Now that spring is about to begin, you can garden your hearts out right? The azalea in my garden is a mini type. And yours in the pic here, have bigger, more striking blooms! Btw, good shots, Vetsy. Have a great week.

  4. So that's where Spring is hiding! You have captured her loveliness beautifully. We are in the midst of spring blizzard. I blogged about the storm today. It is nice to see the spring beauty in your photos. Send some that warmth to us! Enjoy the lovely spring.

  5. Great pictures Vetsy! It actually feels like summer today, we're getting close to 90 this afternoon! But I'm happy for the sunshine and warm weather, and I love seeing the robins flying around the garden.


  6. Steph, Ann, Bumble Lush...Thanks for stopping by.. and Happy Spring to All of You! I've been having trouble with my internet when it's back up I'll be stopping by.

  7. Iris, azaleas, and dogwoods always remind me of spring in South Carolina. I love how early it arrives there. Ducks on one foot are always a bit funny. It makes me want to ask them why they're on one foot. :o)

  8. One of the reason I moved south was for the weather.
    I doubt that I will every live in a colder climate again.