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Monday, January 4, 2010

How do birds stay warm in the winter

Montreal Winter Bird,
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Montreal Winter Bird

January weather in Michigan is not really a surprise to me, every year I come 
 to expect it,  because it has always been a cruel and mean one, however, I was not prepared for yesterday's weather...Arctic like weather with wicked high winds blasted us with temperatures in the low teens...16 degrees that felt like 5!

 Dressed from head to toe in extra winter garments, I made a mad dash to purchase extra birdseed and cocoa.   I was so happy to arrive back  home were I settled down in some cozy socks, Pj's, my robe and a cup of piping hot cocoa.

I sat in my bedroom chair that faces my back window.. This is one of my favorite rooms to sit and watch the activities and antics of my feathered friends, squirrels and those stubborn cats that come through.

I watched the cardinals feeding from a  tree stump I placed against the back fence...The sparrows, purple and gold finches all ate from the feeder, while three junco's ate below.

They all amazed me as I watched them feed, fight and hop around as if it was a spring day!

How I pondered...is it, that these small creatures with their thin little bodies could withstand such extreme temperatures? ... How? ? ?

I could not and would not rest until I found the answer..so to the net I went, and here is the answer I found to my question.

Haven't you seen birds fluffing their feather's?..... Well, each time they perform this action, air is trapped between the feathers. This trapped air acts to insulate much like a down filled coat or sleeping bag and that's all there is to  it... Nature has equipped and designed them to handle the Winter weather.

Now.... if I could just stop wondering where they sleep at night once they leave the feeders". hmmm" maybe I should just enjoy watching and feeding them and let Mother nature handle her business.


  1. My house is pretty small, but one of the things that sold me on it (in addition to the large backyard that borders on a nature area) was the huge window in the living room. It's sliding glass doors, but it has three panels of glass, not two. It also looks out on my backyard and I love sitting there watching all the activity at the feeders. I get a ton of ducks and I never have enough dried bread to feed them all. I don't know if you have an Aunt Millie's outlet near you, but they sell expired bread really cheap for feeding animals. I need to go to the one in Ypsi today! (P.S. I hated my last job, which is why I saved up money for years and took this year off!)

  2. yeah...so true Monica us nature lover's can't possible live without Windows! Would lose our minds!! I'll check to see if there's an Aunt Millie's near me. Thanks for the tip.