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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where Do Birds Go At Night?

Cardinal 2,
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Cardinal 2The last couple of days here in Michigan's zone 5.. were very nasty and fierce! with lows in the teens and high winds!

During weather like this I often wonder about my feathered friends who visit my feeders and I'm sure I have asked the same questions that other bird and nature lover's have... Where do birds go at night once they are finished feeding in the evening?   are they warm?... are they safe? ...will they die in this weather?

I searched the internet for some answers and my favorite store.. Wild birds unlimited surfaced and their site provided some important answers and tips that gave me a little piece of mind...Please click on the title in the header ( Where do birds go at night? ) and it will take you to the article.

Once you're done there..you may want to check out and view Marsha's garden photos titled....

"It's Cold Outside!   ( http://marshagarden.blogspot.com/2010/01/its-cold-outside.html )

 she has captured some wonderful and interesting photo's of some very chilly looking little birds.   I have never, every..witnessed birds with frost around their eyes and faces... check it out if you like.

P.S I hope you enjoy the lovely photos of nature that I'm using on my blogs..courtesy of Flickr until I upgrade to a digital camera..If you  don't mind, please share with me what camera you like to use to  photo what you love...Thank you I will greatly appreciate it


  1. I currently have a Canon PowerShot (SD880 IS, but since I got it last year, the numbers are probably outdated already!). For me, a small size was crucial, yet it has a lot of features of large, more professional cameras. I can point 'n' shoot but I can also override a lot of features like with an old-fashioned real camera.

    Because I grew up with a parakeet as a house pet, I know their feet lock to the branch when they fall asleep. And I think birds sleep in evergreens and they can poof up their feathers for warmth. I followed the link and learned some other things, too!

  2. "In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous."~Aristotle

    I'm glad you found the answer to your wild bird question. I've always been curious about nature too. I started a blog to talk about my observations and answer some questions about wildlife in mid-Michigan. If you're interested my blog is at http://lansingwbu.blogspot.com/

  3. Thank You Monica... I always appreciate your advice, tips and input to my blog.

    Wild Birds Unlimited Mid Michigan..Hello and welcome... Nice to meet you.

  4. I am always concerned about the birds this time of year, too. Makes taking a few minutes to fill the bird feeder in the cold seem very much worth it.

  5. So true Jessica...I like to make a piping hot cup of coffee or cocoa to warm myself back up once I get back inside! This preparation helps me make that effort!

    Thank you for stopping by.