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Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Growing Local it's a Good thing"

I am so excited about the Growing local Movement across our country.

The opportunity to purchase locally grown produce, homemade goods, and crafts, appeals to me and many others seeking alternatives outside of the BIG Chain Markets...

 " Yes the Big Chain Markets have their place, "where else are we going to buy paper plates and Microwave dinner's".. But it's high time that we have the option to purchase from other sources when we want a healthier diet!... Here are just a few reasons why growing local is a Good Thing!

 1). Food grown in our own regions taste better! ..Why? because It's not shipped across the country to get to your plate! 

2). It Supports the local Farmers and Artisans who often offer some very unique things that are crafted by hand.

 3). Cuts down on pollution!  All that travel across land and states adds to more carbon emissions, thus polluting our air and our environment!

4). Locally grown foods build our communities, by giving us a closer connection and bond with the Farmers and Artisans serving our communities.  We get to meet new people, make friends, eat healthier and learn a few things along the way.

Below Local farmers and Artisans sale their goods at the

Robin Dwight representative for Dan Canmody of A.M Fresh.
A.M. Fresh is a corporation of Detroit's Eastern Market. They bring fresh produce to local neighborhoods and communities through out the city. 
" Now how cool and convenient is that!.. Celery, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, green onions and others were on display.  http://www.detroiteasternmarket.com

Below:  Roman Lopez, representing  Demeulenaere Farms of Romeo Mi.  Herbs, peaches, cabbage, tomato plants, strawberries and blue berries  fresh and ripe! "Mmmm" it's the taste of Summer.

Vandalia Gardens Urban Farmers, LLC

 Above:  Cornelius Williams Owner of Vandalia Gardens is a farmer who understands the importance of growing local and that health begins on the inside-out,  that is why he is also the representative of " the Silica Connection".

  What is that you may ask?
" It's Fossil Shell Flour for Humans" to learn more contact:Cornelius Williams:  
( 313-616-302-0319 )  cwilliams48225@yahoo.com 

Above:  This lovely lady represents " Earth Natural Essentials" You will smell pretty and feel good using Earth Natural Essential products because their products have everything You need and Nothing You Don't!
Soothing lip balms, lotions and yummy soaps  such as  Lavender and  chamomile just to name a few...contact: 248-630-8910  http://www.buyearthnatural.com


Above: Jan and Micheal represent Spirit and Faith Farms of Corktown Det, Mi. Their goal is to help feed  those who are less fortunate and beautify neglected area's in the city.  http://detroitevolution.com/friends.html
Homemade Banana bread and self help books such as The Power Of Ancient Foods were offered check it out at http://www.amazon.com

Above: Organic carrots for organic carrot cake," Shut Up!  here's another lovely lady that make all homemade goodies from all natural ingredients, blue berry and banana were offered to name a few ...Yum"

Below: These are some of our friendly Volunteers, we appreciate the services that Volunteers provide to our communities.


The  EAST WARREN AVENUE FARMERS MARKET is sponsored by:  The Detroit Food and Fitness Collaborative,  Eastern Market Corporation, Warren Conner Development Coalition,  East English Village and many others... We appreciate all who are responsible for these events and services..  for more information contact Market Master: Jenny Poma at ( 313) -571-2800 x. 1131

The purpose of this blog is to show support for our Local farmers, Artisans and Entrepreneurs in our community and beyond. I try to be as accurate as possible when posting Information, I apologized for any miss-spelling of names or misinformation.

Thank you for stopping by my blog... please  leave a comment  I would love to here from you..


  1. Helllllooo there Vetsy !
    This looks so fresh and bright and beautiful .. your blog and the post on the Farmers Market .. we have one in Kingston too : )
    They can get all of the great PR possible so more people will visit and buy the wonderful products !
    Great Post !
    Joy : )

  2. Thank you Joy for stopping by and taking a look.

  3. Great post Vetsy! I'm all for buying local to have fresher produce (I'm trying to grow some of my own veggies, so they really don't have to travel too far to get to my table). :)

    I do love going to farmer's markets and seeing the people who actually grow the vegetables I'm buying. It's not just healthier, but fun too! The farmer's market near me always has tables of homemade breads and cookies, so it's fun to stop there too. :)
    Nice of you to feature some of your local farmers!

  4. I love the local farmer's markets too. It's true that everything just tastes better. We have one not far from us that just opened for the season, I'm hoping to make it to it in the next week or two. Those fresh berries look delicious.

  5. Thank you Angela and Catherine, Yes it's a lot of fun and a good excuse to get out and meet people while you're at it.

    Another good thing about this is that, If your behind in your garden harvest you can get fresh veggies while waiting for your own.

  6. oh it is so fabulous. Everything looks wonderful I bet you spent a little more than expected, hehehe. Oh fresh food is so much more yummy and better for you than the supermarket stuff and with all those lovely smiling face just = happy buying environment. Wish it is was near me.

  7. Yes Carrie one can certainly taste the difference between fresh and supermarket..

    These are good little places to have around especially when one is a little behind with their own garden veggies like my-self.