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Vetsy is my nickname that my family have fondly called me since my childhood. My blog reflects my personal views about the world around me. My topics may be anything that interest me but the majority of it is about my favorite past times...nature and gardening. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment or becoming a follower.

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Salute to June

It's beautiful the Summer month of June When all God's own wild flowers are in bloom And shines brightly most part of the day And butterflies   o'er lush meadows play. 

Light hearted skylark songster of the wing  High o'er the quiet and lonely moorland sing  Above her nest cloaked by the tangled heath Her charming song so exquisitely sweet.  

 So mellow the gentle breath of June day breeze The birds rejoicing on the leafy trees  And dappled trout in pool bed of the stream  Bask in the sun their spotted skins agleam.   

God gave us June and all her lovely flowers Bright sunny days and pleasant evening hours Shady green glens and serene sunlit dell And leafy  bowers adorned with blue bells. 

But god June's maker has the final say and what he give he also take away.

And God's own larks will trumpet in the sky To celebrate the birthday of July.    ~Francis Duggan 



These are a few scenes from my garden in June, Thank you for stopping by I'll see you soon.



  1. Hi Vetsy, Love all the color in your garden, and the damselfly. Can you believe it's almost July? I have no idea where the time went!

  2. Hi! Monica, No I really can't believe it..I had been repeating that all day!

    I changed a couple of things since your visit yesterday morning but I think it still has the same effect, Thank you for the complements and the visit..nice to chat with you again...

  3. Vetsy, the flowering colors in your yard are beautiful. I do enjoy looking at the real yards, gardens, homes and projects of real people. If I didn't, I could limit my views to magazines. Thank you for sharing your lovely yard.

    I guess it is like the words from some song about loving the one you're with, 'cause I have a tendancy to see a flower and say, "Oh, that's my favorie one." But everytime I see a daisy or the white asters that look, to me, like daisies I say to myself, "Ah, daisies, ther're the ones for me." They are so fresh, and natural, and not a pretentious stem in the bunch.

  4. Thank you Mya I like the daisies too"

  5. I loved this poem and the pictures just fit perfectly! You have so many pretty flowers blooming. June is a beautiful month in the garden here, just wish it could've been a little sunnier.

  6. Hi there Vetsy girl !
    June was a great month wasn't it ? This heat in July though .. I would be happy to say good bye to that one !
    Your plants are looking very good : ) what on earth is that long bug that looks like a mayfly or something .. that was a super shot of it !
    Joy : )

  7. I found you on the blog hop. Love your blog!