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Sunday, August 29, 2010

What do you like to collect ?

Some people collect..cards, jewelry, stamps, dolls and even animals just to name a few. .What do you collect?

My collections are very small  at the moment ..  I have a few dolls, Christmas bulbs,  garden magazines and books,  a set of  dinner plates adorned and designed to appear antique with apples  and a few Hello kitty novelties ..

I didn't have the energy to climb into my attic and  unpack my collections to show you.. But the photos below gives you and insight into my collection personality...I took them at a gift store located in  Detroit's  Eastern Market.

I love all kinds of birds and have yet to collect those fabulous heron garden sculptures.  Below is just one of many I'd love to own, their on my get it list along with a few other fowls for next year  ..

I like chickens, hens and roosters...

I also like barn animals.. Moooo"..

And what about tea pots....  I like them too"

And maybe just a few sun catchers..

Do you collect? ..... Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments"


  1. That looks like a fun store! I love that third picture with the rooster. I didn't purposely start out collecting birds, but I realized that I have been subconsciously. My daughters even point things out and say they think I'll like it because it has birds on it.

  2. I used to collect dolls from countries that I have visited ;-) Now they are in boxes as I have limited space in my house for displaying ornaments. Now, my focus is gardening ;-) Not collecting any particular ornaments but just plants that I like as in the past, they were mostly given :-)

  3. Hopefully one day you can show us some of the things that you have collected. I can not say that I collect anything right now. In the past I picked up sea shells, rocks that I stumbled over and thought were pretty, little wooden houses. I guess I still pick up rocks. Oh, I thought of something I actually collected a long time ago. There was a series of silver Christmas ornaments on the theme The 12 Days of Christmas. I had up to the 7th day with maybe one skip in years, then it must have gotten a little more popular because they would be sold out before I bought one, and I never remembered to order one ahead of time. I am happy with my rocks.

  4. Hi Vetsy, I'm kind of a minimalist (always have been) and don't like "stuff" cluttering up my small house. That being said, I'm wild about Christmas decorations from the 1950s (and a little earlier, and a little later). :)

  5. garden books/magazines and tea pots are some of the things i collect too, although i try not to get too many...i collect a lot of things, i'm kind of a hoarder. the collections that have basically no purpose other than to be accumulated are: vintage cameras, gnome-related things (usually received as gifts, i don't buy them myself), and sock monkeys/sock monkey accessories. i also collect plants and seeds--my seed library is ridiculous, but at least it doesn't take up much space.

  6. Hi Vetsy, I collect teapots, probably because I'm English. I hope you get your technical problems sorted out soon. Pam

  7. Catherine I like the third one too" and ...

    like you I had not noticed that I was collecting anything at all.

    Steph..Space is an issue with me also, I hope to have more space next year.

    Maya collecting rocks are fun, I sometimes collect rocks with smooth surfaces and draw faces on them.

    Monica keeping things to a minimum is always a good thing.. A cluttered house makes me phobic!

    Emily I miss those sock Monkeys...My mother used to make a few for me when I was a little girl... I just saw one at Target the other day.. I think I'll go get it..
    "See what you started"

    Pam I think that teapots are the most adorable dainty things to collect... Yet I don't have any, maybe I'll buy myself a few for Christmas.

    Rosey.. Thanks I think it's working now.

    Thanks Blogger folks for fixing this page.. Whew!

  8. Haha, or you could make your own sock monkey! Just get a pair of Red Heel socks and some stuffing--usually every pair of the socks comes with sock monkey sewing instructions included in the packaging. they're easy to make and you can give it so much personality.

  9. Hey girl! I liked the wooden chickens - so cute! I don't really collect anything except seashells... and I have jars and jars of them. Thanks for the little tour around the Detroit Market!

  10. Your right Emily making it myself will give it it's on character.. Thanks..

    Hi Heather... sea shells are another fun thing to collect they are so beautiful in decorative jars..

  11. What a fun post. I'm at the point in my life where I'm trying to get rid of stuff and not bring more into the house. But there are certain items that always catch my attention and stir a desire to start a collection.

    Thanks for sharing the Eastern Market with us.


  12. That does look like a fun store. I have a number of collections, but am no longer adding to them, except for the occasional vintage towel if I find one for a good price on ebay. I actually have a link in my sidebar showing some of my collections. I have hoes, flower frogs, some of my mother-in-law's chickens and bells, and a few cups and saucers. I also have a number of aprons and other vintage kitchen items. Oh, and I have way more cookbooks than what I need. I try to keep them from looking too cluttered, and would like to be more of a minimalist, but I actually seem to have a need to fill spaces. I just remembered I also have some of my father-in-laws paper matchbook covers in a couple frames, and a bunch in a plastic container.

  13. I think you and I have are some kind of collector soulmates Vetsy!! The photos of the things that would catch your eye would be the same ones I would photograph. And I must say the photos are lovely! I'm glad I ran into your blog!