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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

15 Ways to Ditch the Drab: Amp Up the Orange

 I love this cheery photo, brought to us by " Family Circle" magazine. This color combo of orange and yellow brings a smile to my face, and reminds me of a bright, warm, summer day. It also reminded me of some of my favorite summer flowers like, Black eyed Susan's, and  Zannia's; I needed a little perking up, and this photo did just that.

If you'd like more helpful, cheerful ideas to ditch those drabby winter blues, click the link http://www.familycircle.com/health/depression/15-ways-to-ditch-the-drab/ and it will link you to "Family Circle" for more.


  1. You have a brand new look also... awesome! I love the combination of orange in that pic. Makes the house as pretty as flowers :-D

  2. My husband's favorite color is orange, can you believe that? We had orange carpet in our house when we moved in but had to take it out because it was too old. Also orange counter tops.
    Can you tell we bought a house from the 70's?
    But that picture you showed, it just looks fresh and cheerful.

  3. Thank you Steph, I thought so too.

    Rosey... Orange carpet is a first! I bet it was interesting though.

  4. Cheerful, bright picture and it makes me feel warm just the way the sun feels on a spring day.
    I looked at the FC pictures you linked, and I am tempted by the one with the delicious looking chocolate chip cookies - those will perk up anybody.

  5. Dear Vetsy. Orange is not my favorite color, but the combination works wonderfully in the picture. I love your new blog layout, too. P x

  6. Orange is my favorite colour! I don't decorate with it though.. thanks for sharing Vetsy!

  7. I love orange in the garden the most.
    Thanks Heather for stopping by.