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Monday, May 16, 2011

" Winter...please let go of my spring !

I was so elated about my Magnolia blooming in the front yard I could cry...

I was very afraid that it was not going to make it this spring because of the unusually cold, , non-stop rainy weather.  Last year in April  it, along with my other blooming shrubs were in full bloom.....every year I stand in awe of it.....  It..along with the Redbud is one of  my favorite blooming trees....

as you can see from the photos May 8th was a nice warm sunny day...It has not been so since.

Below: an odd angle shot of my Redbud located in the back of the yard, it doesn't look very cute up close because the poor thing is dying but it is still putting out a few blooms.

I had a chance to do a little cleaning and weeding in-between the madness. Whenever the rain stopped, I took the opportunity to run outside and do a little yard work.

Below:  In the photos that follow I added flat rocks as a border and removed some rogue weeds. Daises, Tiger Lily, Black eyed Susan's and Fire-witch dianthus  await warmer weather.

Below:  In the back of the yard..I planted Cactus Zinnia's from seeds  from last year... and some Black eyed Susan's. I also transplanted a few Susan's from another area just in case they don't come up. I'll also add new fencing.

Uninvited visitors think they will take over and boss around the other resident feeders. This Grackle and a Redwing couple have been taking over the feeders.

Above are my regular visitors, the Goldfinches, along with the Chickadee's and Cardinals, not shown. I won't chase or wage war on the out-laws for now..for they only pose a small threat at this time, the other birds are still able to come by and feed, we'll see how things go as nesting season begins. In the mean time I hope that this winter like weather will let go of my spring!

Happy gardening to all and thanks for stopping by.


  1. We're saying the same thing out here. It feels like November outside. We had a big rainstorm the other day to further push some of my plants closer to the edge of living and dying. I hope some normal spring weather hurries up and comes both of our ways!
    Your garden is looking great! Can't wait to see it full of blooms.

  2. I love your trees. I have had two red buds die. My daughter, the arborist by profession, says never to give up just because a plant dies. And I am intrigued by the magnolia. It is very pretty. You have good start on your gardening chores. I look forward to the blooms. cheers. ann

  3. oh beautiful pictures! I love the birds. My neighbors put up a bird feeder and I'm trying to get pictures of some of the finches and cardinals that visit it, but no luck. You're quick with the camera! I hope you get some warmer, sunnier temps soon.

  4. Hi Vetsy,
    Your Magnolia was worth the wait.Beautiful!

    Just the name Grackle, sounds ominous.

    Your photos of birds are wonderful. I think that is one of the better aspects of gardening, enjoying all the different birds that come as a result of plants and trees we nurture.
    I am crossing my fingers that everyone's comments work this week!

  5. Thank you Angela, birds keep things interesting and yes, I'm praying for better weather.

    Rosey that Grackle can be a Monster around nesting time. The name is a perfect fit for this bird.

    I had issues with the comments as well, but I think things are back to normal.

  6. hi vetsy! your tulip magnolia looks wonderful. it's cold and rainy here too...and i just planted tomatoes :( i hope we both get some nicer weather.

  7. Hello Vetsy! it's raining here as well. Each when the rain stops, I have to go out to check if a plant has toppled. The wind and thunder are strong also. I hope you will have fine weather soon. I love to see your graden work-in-progress :-D

  8. Hello there Vetsy girl !
    I love your flat rocks as the border .. I love rocks in the garden for just about any use. Your tree is so pretty ! I would have loved having a Redbud but they are right on our climate border and it would be very iffy.
    This weather is awful .. cold and rainy and making me feel terrible .. I hope it passes soon for all of us gardeners that NEED to be in our gardens having fun !
    hang in there girl .. it has to change soon, right ?
    Joy : )

  9. Emily I'm keeping my fingers crossed thank you...

    Stephine... The good thing about all this rain is that I got a lot of good rest from my weeding LoL!

    Joy you are so right...this weather has to give it pretty soon... right?

  10. Hi Vetsy! How are ya? It's been ages... we're having THE WORST Spring here - it's SOOOOOO wet! I'm not garden bloggin as much these days - how about you? Your magnolia looks fantastic and so does your yard. Oh I like your rock border too!

  11. Thank you Heather..It's hard to blog and garden when the weather is nasty outside! Sunshine inspires and motivates me to blog and do other activities outdoors especially gardening.. I understand how you feel.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  12. magnolias are stunning , Mamma G has a superb one too. I love the amount og=f feathered friends you have and how exotic looking they are to my irish eyes.
    Lovely post Vetsy - I hope winter has gone!

  13. Thank you Carrie, I hope it's gone too!

  14. Your Magnolia is gorgeous.
    Thundershowers about today so I am inside reading......watching the birds out the window.
    Hope you have warmer temps soon and the butterflies and bees get to enjoy all your summer blooms.

  15. Hi, Vetsy!!!!

    I was reading your blog a lot yesterday and didn't leave a comment but I will today. I am also a follower now!

    My dad grew up in Michigan (Albion and Jackson) so I am well aware of that rain. I also lived in Illinois for four years. I'm sending you some of this 90 degrees and VERY humid weather we are having here! :o) Now don't get upset when you sweat out your perm like I have done!

    The rain shall pass, my gardening friend. Until then, live vicariously through my blog!

    There's a gospel song by the Winans that I will quote to you "ain't no need to worry, what tomorrow's gonna bring....it'll be all over in the mornin'" So sing that song to all that rain!

    All good gardening to you, Vetsy.

  16. LoL! DivaGardener.. I'll keep that song in mind. Thanks for the encouragement and making me laugh! I need it, because it is still raining as I respond to this letter .... Unbelievable!!!

  17. Hi Vesty,

    And today (Saturday of Memorial Day Week-End) is only a little better. I honestly had to fight the urge to turn on the heat last night I was so cold.

    Your tree looks amazing. Magnolia's are so brilliant, but they always fade so quickly. I'm glad you were able to get a photo of it in all it's glory and on a nice sunny day.

    I like what you've done in your yard. You've done more than I have. So far I've only planted a few of my pots.

    Rumor has it that it's supposed to be in the 80's tomorrow and Monday. At this moment it seems highly doubtful, but this is Michigan and stranger weather has happened before.

  18. Thank you Linda.

    P.S.. I have turned on the heat I could not help it.. but only for a short time during the night.

  19. Magnolias are truely beautiful...and messy,lol.
    My problem is...I would mess up taking a picture of a concrete block...honestly. I do love viewing God's creation as captured through the camera of others and you have done that quite well.
    I’ve been following and enjoying your blog for a while now and would like to invite you to visit and perhaps follow me back. Sorry I took so long for the invitation.

  20. I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God bless, Lloyd

  21. Your garden is quite lovely:)

  22. Thank you Toyin O.

    Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by.

  23. Vetsy, I'm loving the rocks bordering your garden. Did you find them in your yard or a nursery? I would love to add stones to my shade garden.

  24. A friend found them and shared some with me.

  25. I'm glad spring finally came your way. We have some grackles, too.