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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer is Winding Down

The summer is winding down and I have never thought that I would ever utter these words,“I’m happy to see it go… exhausted by Mother Nature's ills, I began to beg for autumn, but here we are in late summer... I am finally able to enjoy the outdoors, bird watching, and journaling...so here are my updates.
  Below:  This chicken’s expression mirrors how I felt about the weather this summer.   
                                              Confused and disappointed

                                  But then came the sun…. And

                                 then came the chickadees!

I had waited for them all summer, but had not seen them since they paid me a short visit in early June….  

However my cat Panini could tell you different story; she knew they were here all along.... But where?  I had not notice any nesting activities, nor heard any chirping babies.  

Below:  see the bushes behind Panini’s head? That is where the chickadees had made their nest. How did this get by me, perhaps the extremes in weather prevented me from noticing them…. I did spend most of the spring, and half of the summer indoors.

                                      What, what, why you looking at me?
                       Below:   At first there was one chickadee


                                              then two

                              then three

  Then came the nieces, who learned last summer that if one is patient , one can feed a chickadee by hand.

Even though that gardening was a flop for me this year, I enjoyed my visits to all of yours. Thanks for sharing your wonderful gardens, crafts, and events with me this summer.

I hope that you are enjoying the rest of your summer days and have enjoyed your visit here today.


  1. i love the photos of your nieces hand-feeding birds. they must be very patient and gentle kids. i'm sorry you had a difficult summer--i think most of the country can relate--here's to next year being way better.

  2. Thanks Emily my nieces have learned to love nature and it's creatures from watching me and their grandmother. Now they have taken after us.

  3. Hi Vetsy,
    I really like the name Panini for a cat. What a cutey! And your nieces look right at home feeding the chickadees. Sweet!

  4. Oh how sweet. I never knew that a wild bird would feed from one's hand.

  5. I know exactly how you feel about summer: hot, dry, long, hotter than usual, dryer than usual, then a boat load of rain. Our winter was cold and dry, only 3 inches of moisture all winter until May then all of our summer rain in one month. Geeeesh. Here the chickadees leave and head to the mountains to escape the heat I suppose. How special to be able to hand feed them. I suppose mid-winter we will be moaning about the cold and snow and wind, anxious for summer to return. The girls are cute and surely lucky to an aunt nurturing their love of nature.

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  7. Rosey... women love her name. Men break-out into hysterics when they hear it...that's okay women love it. Thanks..

    rmgales... They are so much fun to feed and watch.

    ann...Lol you are right, winter usually gets me moaning too. We are trying not to spoil them because they are young chickadees and need to practice finding those bugs.

  8. Hello Vetsy! Over here is summer all the time haha... To get some cool air, we go to the hills or mountains. I hope Autumn will arrive soon for you ;-D Your nieces, they enjoyed themselves feeding those birds in your marvellous garden. And you and your journalling... happy writing. Thanks for the beautiful pics from your garden. They are lovely!

  9. Oh my goodness Vetsy !!
    I love your chicken "expression" because that is exactly how I have felt too .. this season has not been a great one .. but the last few days have been cool and dry and wonderful so it makes me feel a bit better : )
    I so LOVE that you caught Panini's expression like that ! it is perfect : ) and your niece's feeding the chickadees is fantastic .. we had them here too nesting in an ornamental birdhouse and we were thrilled .. but we hadn't brought out sunflower seeds .. we feed Goldfinches the Niger seeds .. but for sure if they show up again we will do that .. so thank you for spotting a reminder for me girl : )
    Today I am going to do a little plant hunting (which I don't need but they are on sale .. can't help myself .. plant rescue mission ? haha
    Maybe the weather will be kind to us this Autumn and we can have a better time to finish the season with !
    Joy : )

  10. Thanks Stephanie I would love to live where there is summer all the time. I can just imagine how healthy I would be because I would grow every fruit and veggie I could get my hands on.

    Thanks Joy... I wished I could help you with your plant addition but since I can relate, I'm no help at all Lol! Happy plant hunting..Oops did I just say that...

  11. I love Panini and the Chickadees. They are really cute. I have never fed a bird from my hands in my own garden, only as a tourist at King's Park, Perth. Your nieces are so sweet and kind, like fairy tale princesses who made friends with the birds.

    Hey, Autumnn (Belle) has arrived at your blog ;>)

  12. I like Panini! What a good-looking kitty. It's so cool that your nieces can feed the birds from their hands. Hope you're having a wonderful summer.

  13. The photos with the chickadees eating from the hand are amazing! Nice shots!

  14. Thank you Angie I think it's cool too.

    Thanks Sage Butterfly it's very entertaining.

  15. Over here we had such a late start to Summer so we all hope that it goes on and into September! The days are getting shorter though and there are some signs of Autumn. How cute of your nieces there too!

  16. Thank you Heather, yes it would be nice if September continued on with summer a little longer.

  17. Thank You for visiting again. Your nieces are beautiful. And the chickadees feeding from their hands is amazing. The photos are wonderful on your blog! This has been a bizarre weather year for us too! It hasn't been this hot for children (including mine) returning to school since I was in school - the year was 1986. It is just miserable over here.

  18. Dear Vetsy, The pictures of your nieces are amazing! I didn't know you could feed chickadees by hand. I agree with you about summer, but I'm not ready to let it go yet. P. x

  19. Thank you Heather I can't wait to start anew with my garden next year.

    Pam I don't blame you...Summer brings us so much joy!

  20. That is precious! the girls with the birds. I think that would be hard to do, and I am so glad you got pictures of them. I agree with you about this weather!

  21. You are an amazing Auntie.....
    I love the way the Chick-a-dees come right to you!
    I have lots of birds but have never hand fed!
    It was a hot July here. August has been hot and humid but wet....the Autumn vegetable garden is thriving.
    Will you plant some autumn cole crops?
    I live in K.C. Missouri and our first frost is never before October 15th. Plenty of time for squashes to ripen.
    Keep journaling...I am a writer too.

  22. Thank you Barbee I once thought it would be hard too until I tried it...It just took a little bit of patience.

    Thank you Q... I first attracted them with some black oil seed and after they got used to coming to my yard, I practice holding out my hand with seed in it until they were no longer afraid of it...

    But you will have to remove the feeder so that this will work.