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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good bye groundhog!

The MGM Groundhog??Groundhog... you saw your shadow today and now we have six more weeks of winter! well ground hog... I'm use to having very..very.. long winter months here in Michigan...so I can take six More weeks... but won't like it...So next year I'm changing this Tradition and replacing you with a chipmunk!....Yes!....I said chipmunk"....They are cute and chirp like little birds and just like you they sleep underground.

photo credits:  Carl & Art's photo stream , http://www.flickr.com/photos/wiredwitch/with/2468541176/

They too" are done sleeping in February and are wide awake and ready for action! So good bye  Groundhog! and  Say  Helloooo".. to my little friend!


originally uploaded  by Krittergirl of  Flickr.


  1. Groundhogs do a lot more damage in the garden (at least in mine) than chipmunks, and I do adore chipmunks. They're so cute and I love their quick darting. However, since it's overcast in Michigan, no one can see their shadow... so we should have less winter left... except it's MI so the whole groundhog thing is useless as we'll have more winter anyway! :)

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  3. You are so right Monica no one can see their shadows here in our neck of the woods LOl...

    I could not have said it better. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I can't say that I've ever seen any our resident chipmunks in February, but if I did that would be a good sign that warmer weather is on the way.

    The little chippies are cute to look at, but those tunnels under the sidewalk and porch are not a good thing.

    Happy February to you.


  5. We have neither groundhogs or chipmunks in N Ireland but if I had to choose it would be chipmunks all the way! Groundhogs look like they'd tear your arm off if you annoyed it, eek!

  6. Hi Vetsy and that sounds like a great idea to me as well ! I have had it with groundhogs (you really have to even wonder at their names ? haha) .. I'm a tough Canadian chick .. ok .. maybe tough might not be the description I am thinking .. but I can take winter .. even though 6 more weeks is kind of scary .. i can take it I tell you !! haha .. but if I had a choice ... 3 to 4 weeks tops , ok ? can we cut a deal with that blasted groundhog and move the chipmunk up ? haha
    Joy : )

  7. Hello Donna nice to meet you..tunnels under the sidewalk and porch" oh No! Thanks for the warning!

    Carrie and Joy you guys are so darn funny! I got a good laugh out of those comments!

  8. Hi Vetsy -- You asked about my camera. It's a Panasonic Model DMC-TZ5. I've had it about two years. Just point and shoot, it's easy and I'm all into easy.

    STILL winter here, as I'm sure it is also in MI. But the sun is shining brightly and that helps.


  9. Thank you Donna... for the camera tip, Yep still cold as heck here too"

  10. Hi Vetsy~

    Six more weeks of winter....brrr! I don't know how you stand that cold weather. I've never seen a ground hog down here in Fl., but sure would like to see a chipmunk. : ) I like your idea of changing groundhog day to chipmunk day.
    Thanks for keeping my button on your page, what a nice surprise!!!
    Keep warm, spring will be here soon.