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Monday, March 15, 2010

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day 2010

Once again it's the 15th of the month, that means it's Garden blogger's bloom day.
Every 15th, participating blogger's post lovely blooms for My Dream Gardens bloom day event hosted by Carol.

I can't wait for these Tiger lilies on the side of my house to bloom this summer. There Hot orange colors are show stoppers for those that pass by.. and since I had no blooms of my own to display at home, I decided to take a few photos of whats blooming at my local Kroger supermarket.

They did not turn out as clear as I expected..."Oh well,  it's the thought that counts".

(1). A beautiful  group of orchids to the right of the screen:

( 2). Tulips and what I think were yellow daisies: bottom left:

( 3)  A sweet little Gerber daisy on the bottom right.                   

 Spring is in the air..I heard Robins in the trees and I'm finally feeling gleeful and much more positive today.  What can lift your spirits higher then sunshine and singing Robins.




  1. Tiger lilies are so cool-my grandma always had them growing in her yard, so anytime I see them it takes me back to my grandma's garden. :)

  2. Hi Vetsy, my tiger lilies are also always the first green to pierce the soil line! I also have tulips, daffs, and hyacinths up, but no buds or blooms. Found four yellow crocuses blooming and my witch hazel is also blooming. Some winter-sown seeds have sprouted and even without blooms, that's very exciting! (I'm a cheap date.)

  3. Hello..Dreamybee nice to meet you, thanks for stopping by.

    Monica I have got to grow some Hyacinths in the future.. They are so intoxicating..

  4. What a great idea to share the Kroger blooms with us. I wonder what people were thinking when they saw you taking pictures. Maybe they thought you worked for the local newspaper.

    Your Tiger Lilies are quite tall for March 15. They must be on the southside of the house where it's warmer.


  5. Donna to make sure I Would not be chased from the store..I asked one of the managers or supervisors for permission before I took them.

    LoL...I just caught a vision of me running from the store...It was early in the morning so none of the customer had notice me.

    I do believe my Tiger lilies are on the south side of the house and that probably as you stated is the reason they are a little tall.

  6. Hi Vetsy, I'm taking a random trip through the bloom days - I love bloom day for that, it opens our eyes to other blogger's worlds that we may not always know about. Our spring is already advancing apace in California - I can totally relate to that feeling of glee with the early sun and unfolding leaves!

  7. Yes it's fun I do this too" Country Mouse thanks for stopping by.

  8. spring so rocks, doesn't it? lovely post, vesty. :)