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Thursday, March 25, 2010

 " Friends of the Bees"

Help save the Honey Bees, she urged...

As we garden this year, lets not forget our tiny friends the bees! They are in a serious crisis and so are we, If they continued to die! What do you think will happen to us! !

I commented and voiced my concerns before on this issue on my post: Please Help The Bee's Help Us! 3/8/2010 and once again this serious topic was back this morning on the Yahoo news page.

      ( Bees In more trouble than ever after bad winter ).

This is a subject that is not going away soon and I'll probably post my concerns more than once about it.. I hope those of you who garden will join me as a voice and friend of the bee by  planting the nectar rich plants that our bees love. Please post your results....But don't just stop there..there are so many more ways that we can help....Here are a few helpful links to get you started.

The following links that got my attention, but I'm sure there are many more out there to discover...North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPP) was established in 1999 and has worked since than to promote and protect our tiny friends, they are one of many I call the Friends of the Bees! checkout http://pollinator.org.. they have a guide that helps the gardener attract all the pollinators... bees, birds and bats.

Urban Bee GardensThis is a guide based in California but the concept applies every where. This website explains the importance of our pollinators, choosing the right plants, how mulching can affect the bee, and how our native bee and our honeybee  differ....Introduction Why Make yours a Bee Garden? 

From the Daily green ...Gardening to Attract Honey Bees...

High Country Gardens...Get your Garden Buzzing with a native mason bee nest. 
Life on the Balcony: Is a blog by Fern Richardson who shares her expertise on container gardening and more...if you are a container gardener such as myself, visit Life on the balcony for tips on attracting bees to the container garden... select  Birds, Bees, & Butterflies in the category search  box. ...

Diana of the ( Voice in the garden ) has some awesome photos of a Honey bee colony rescue from a fallen Oak tree on her property. http://voiceinthegarden.blogspot.com

From Yahoo News page... The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Colony Collapse Disorder: http://tinyurl.com/usdaccd

The study in Public Library of Science One...


  1. Hi Vetsy,
    I was excited to see my first bee of the season on a crocus clump. When I got back from getting my camera out of the house, it was gone, and I didn't see it again.

    Oh, my, I just heard the news talking about bees, and looked up to see them talking about bee colonies dying. Oh, they just said they found over a hundred kinds of insecticides in bee hives. They also mentioned parasites and such. What timing! I had your blog up earlier today, but finished my lunch and needed to get back to my house work. I will have to check out your sites when I get a chance. I already have a diversity of plants, and get several kinds of bees and wasps on them. I'd never heard of having a bee garden. I have lots of butterfly plants, and I think the bees like them, too.

    Thanks for your encouraging comments on my kitchen. Did you see my part 2?

    I'm glad I found the time to do some spring clean up in my flower beds.

  2. I'm coming by to see part two. Thank you for reading this blog on behave of our bees..

  3. Hi Vetsy~

    This is a great post. Just imagine if every person planted one plant, without any pesticides, just for the bees. When I see the bees and butterflies buzzing and fluttering about my garden I feel like I've made a positive difference in nature. Happy spring!!

  4. I saw our 1st bee 2 weeks ago! I was so happy. There is talk *whisper* that the field next to the lotties may be getting a bee hive - wouldn't that be fabulous!!! I hope it happens but with the way things go with our council, well......

  5. Thank you Karrita the thought of every person planting pesticide free plants got me day dreaming and brought a smile to my face.

    Carrie that would be fabulous! I'll keep my fingers crossed let me know if it happens.

  6. I agree about planting nectar rich plants for the bees. Many people don't understand how important it is to have bees. Keep that voice going. Thank you!

  7. Thank you CE Webster...for the encouragement and the visit today.

  8. Hi Vetsy, Yesterday I put a note on your site about your bee post, but it seems to have fallen off some where - Cyberspace? Just wanted to thank you for continuing to talk about the bee problem, it is real. Not sure what kind of bees they are but we seem to have several that hover/lite on the clover in our yard. The neighbors may not appreciate my clover, but the bees do.

  9. Hi..Mya ...I'm so glad that you visited and left a note about the bees in your yard on the Clovers..It is one of there favorites.

    Thank you...

  10. Hi Vetsy, thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments. It is difficult for me to understand the waning bee population since we have thousands in our garden, even after we lost the colony earlier this year. Clearly attempting to attract them to our gardens is a wonderful and noble idea, and I commend you for your article. Diana

  11. Thank you Diana I would love to be in your place right now because I'm a novice gardener that loves to garden, I can't wait to see what happens for me this year, I'm keeping my fingers crossed... Thank you for stopping by..Nice to meet you.

  12. Thanks for the informative information regarding bees. I love my bees. Mostly I have carpenter bees and bumblebees. I've only seen one solitary honey bee. The links you provided have inspired me to seek out more plants to encourage them to stay.

  13. Thank you Deborah...and thank you for stopping by and checking out the links as well. Nice to me you.

  14. Hi Vesty,
    I found Deborah's Garden through your site. Glad you had it listed on your blog. She is very amusing. Have a nice Easter.

  15. Hi Mya...Yes she is amusing I'm glad you had the chance to visit. Have a nice Easter too".

  16. Oh great post! I agree with you that bees are very important, not just to our home gardens but to larger farm crops. I planted some sunflowers, which the bees LOVED, and am growing some more this year! (It's the profile pic on my blog) :)

  17. Thank you for that comment..I'm so happy that you have one of the plants that bees' love..

    I'll be working on planting some too"