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Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's the first day of spring!

It's the first day of Spring! ...But does it feel like it here in Michigan...Nope! ...Our weather forecasters here In Michigan warned us that we would have some cooler temps ahead!.... 

So..Thursday when the temps hit a high of 70! I took advantage of the warm weather and got outside where I  finally  got a little yard work done and took a few pictures.  
The Magnolia buds right corner: will soon have lovely soft pink flowers.

A make shift cage.. I made out of metal crates to stop the squirrels from destroying my potted Sedums.and a  view from the cage on the inside where dragons blood and other sedums are coming to life in safety.

The small flower plot ( below  held Cosmos, Hyssop, Speedwell, Daisies and a few others that I can't recall at the moment....It also held a solar water fountain... a Mother's day gift to My Mom. Mom and I are garden partner's and we were both out tiding up the yard..happy to finally take advantage of a warm March day.

My cat Panni thinks that if she stays down low enough..we won't notice that she sneaked outside. .. I love the shadow of the tree branches in the shot.

One of two willow trees right)  that we planted in 22  gallon plastic totes....They will need replanting this spring...The totes are bursting with willow roots.


Rose hips on a rambling rose. This rose produces tons of  prolific bright red roses during the summer and is a show stopper in the front yard..We will  need  to trim it back a little ..for it has enough thorns to Kill the devil!  In-fact..I nick named it the Red devil. 

My chick-a-dee couple butch and Beatrice .. Played a pretty good game on me while I was trying to snap a photo of them with my point and shoot  Canon powershot SD1200 IS ...

Every time I raised my camera to shoot one of them, they would run to the other side of the feeder out of my focus...

This continued until my eyes were crossed..and after about an half hour, I was able to snap one of them. ..ha..ha.. Very funny".

Happy first day of spring and thank you for stopping by.


  1. Your Images SCREAM SPRING! I love it. Can't wait to stop back and see what you share next from the garden.

    Visit BGgarden Blog

  2. BGarden..nice to meet and Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Down in the sunny south we had a beautiful first day of spring. However, I think that you accomplihed more than I did. I am still mulching leaves from fall! I seem to stay a season behind. I hope to replace a few old-and-done shrubs, but haven't decided what those replacements will be.

  4. Hello..Mya nice to meet you and Thanks for stopping by. I'll be checking in to see what you decide to do with those shrubs..

  5. Really nice of you to take the time to comment on blog title. Since my site is not focused on anything other than what catches my eye, I thought it would be appropriate. Your site might just encourage me to get out and do more!
    Thanks again

  6. Donna, your mom is 81 years young..how wonderful!
    Yep, that's me.. I'm a nick namer, I rename people too" LoL, it runs in the family.

    I guess that is why I like using my nick name for my blog: Vetsy's View..My birth name is Eyvette.

  7. Eyvette is a pretty name. Do you have a middle name?

    Our Thursday was around 70, too, and the next day it snowed. I was glad the electricians had done their work on ours and the next door neighbor's roofs Thursday.

    We're having upper 40s and lower 50s now. It looks to get back into the 70s Tuesday and Wednesday.

    I like your squirrel proofing. I hope your magnolia blooms open soon.

  8. Thank you Sue..Nope" I only have the first and the last name.

  9. I love your spring pictures, especially the kitty and chickadee. It was worth waiting for the bird to stay still to get that great pic!