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Friday, April 9, 2010

An Accent for the Garden

I read that adding a garden accent to one's garden expresses one's style and adds a personal touch to the garden..

But, I'm not sure what my style is.. or how to define it....It's the same with my gardening, be it a container or in the ground...I  never really have a specific plan in mind..do in part to the fact that I'm  a newbie and the other is do to my spontaneous  personality.
I just grow what I like or have time for.. depending on my circumstances and Mother nature.    

So with no particular garden plans to keep me busy at the moment I thought it would be fun to go searching for a few garden accents and stick with the act of spontaneity.

My first stop was at one of my favorite stores...Marshall's Home Goods they are similar in my opinion to Pier One Imports but have lower prices especially on the dishware and garden products.

I made a bee-line straight to the garden section and fell in love with everything I saw.

There where Buddha's  standing and sitting in their silent poses, Angels looking angelic as..angels should,  Silly gnomes big and small reading books and smoking pipes, turtles, frogs, snails and chickens posed in various poses, some even held welcome signs to welcome your guest when they visit...

I wanted everything!  but the calming effect emitting from a Buddha statue near by.. helped me come to my senses.." Buy me, I represent what you sometimes need in your life"..calmness, peace and quiet contemplation from the hurried stressful ways of this modern world.  place me in your home or garden and meditate your cares away I will be good for you and I only cost 24.99" .... I was sold! and left with my purchase and off to spy out other stores.

My next stop was Meijer's where I chuckled and giggled at more of the whimsical... A bear sleeping in a Hammock, a mouse on a mushroom having a chat with it's little frog friend, life sized quacking ducks and a Toad house with an extra room for quest... Now that's a really cute idea and the first of it's kind that I've every seen...

" Oh and speaking of Toad stools, you might want to check out our artistic blogging friend Karrita of My Mother's Garden... She creates lovely Ceramic art for the garden from toad stools to bird houses, click on her Ceramic Icon below under my blog list in the far right corner and it will take you to her shop.

I enjoyed my window shopping and proud of my spontaneous purchase and no doubt this summer, will be back  for more....

So... did I find my accent style?   You bet I didn't... I'm Like a lays potato chip.. I don't think I can pick just one and  like a Cottage garden... I'm free, cheerful and love many hues, colors and textures..what I did learn from the net, however...Is to choose statues or accents appropriate for your garden size.. A giant 12 foot elephant of course would not work in a tiny yard and too many statues over whelms a garden and gives it the appearance of a junk yard!  So don't go crazy!....  but do have fun!

Happy Gardening and Thank you for stopping by..


  1. Vetsy girl I had a great read here with your search for just the right style : )
    I am just like you when I go to our store called Home Sense .. they have the most unusual garden "jewlery" I call it .. and for the same prices you mentioned I can get rustic obelisks (which I did .. hehehe) and cast iron snails (one of my favorites) well, lots of things that seem to draw me to them so they must think I am THEIR style ? LOL
    This is the fun part of gardening .. beyond plant hunting/finding which is the ultimate high for me .. finding just the right plant .. but garden art ? is also such a personal twist to your garden .. it is ALL GOOD to me !
    Loved the post I am going to visit Karrita now thank you !

  2. P.S.
    I forgot to mention that I too am fascinated by Buddah and got the meditation Buddah for a corner with host Japanese forest grass and bamboo .. with the big driftwood piece .. when I need a calm moment (every few moments ?? LOL)
    I look at him and take a deep breath : )

  3. Joy it's always a joy to have you visit my post.

    I fell in love with the snail that sits on your porch, I think it's the cutest thing.

    Japanese forest grass and bamboo sounds like the perfect back drop for a meditation Buddha.. I like it..

    I get the same feeling about hunting for and finding the right plant and garden accents, It's so much fun it gives me goose bumps!

  4. Hi Vetsy~

    What a wonderful surprise! I saw your post on my blog roll today and wanted to come over and see your garden accents. Thank you so very much for including my work in your post! I was admiring the great things you were sharing in this post and then saw my name. : ) I, too, am drawn to the Buddha statues and the Kwan Yin statue of the beautiful woman. Your Buddha looks so calm and peaceful nestled in your plants. I like the little flower fairy, too!
    Hope you're are enjoying springtime!

  5. Your Welcome Karrita..Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Hi Vetsy,
    Looking forward to pictures of your yard after things are in bloom. Maybe there will be spots that call out for 'yard flare'.
    I only have one lone, dark stone turtle that hides beneath some low foliage - perhaps he needs a buddy.
    I know you will enjoy your new Buddha.

  7. Thank you mya..I'm looking forward to it too"

  8. Vetsy, Check out the 'Stone Art Blog' listed on my blog list. I think you will get a kick out of the pear tree.

  9. I did get a kick out of the Stone Art blog'
    Gao Xianzhang too" had to get a kick out of forming and growing 10,000 baby pears into Buddha shapes....How unique and absolutely awesome!

  10. Hi Vetsy! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm having fun going through your posts :)
    I can't wait to see more of your garden as it grows.

    I like this post about garden art. It's something I don't have in my garden, I'm not sure what to get!

  11. Hello..Nice to meet you Bumble Lush..look forward to chatting with you more.. Thank you for stopping by.

  12. Vetsy, I think this was your best post ever. It made me chuckle so many times and I enjoyed the photos. I was born w/o the style gene when it comes to the garden, inside the house, my clothes, hair, etc. If it makes me happy, then it's good enough. There isn't much garden art in my yard and this post has made me realize that I need to add something clever and colorful.

    Thank you for the kind words you left on Phillip's blog. You have a good way of relating to children. It's easy to tell that you're a kind and patient person. He'll be here on Sunday and I'll have him read the comments. Thanks, sweetie.


  13. Forgot to say....yes, angels should look angelic. That made me laugh.


  14. Donna you're so right.. If it makes one happy it's good enough, that's well put"..Clever and colorful are also some good points"...

    I think I would want accents that have that special something that's clever and different, Not the usual, yet something all my visitors can relate to and I like..

    Always fun to have you stop by.. so glad that you enjoyed this post.