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Saturday, April 3, 2010

" Happy Easter Everyone"

Easter Lily

God, give us eyes to see
the beauty of the Spring,
And to behold Your majesty
in every living thing -
And may we see in lacy leaves
and every budding flower

The Hand that rules the universe
with gentleness and power -
And may this Easter grandeur
that Spring lavishly imparts
Awaken faded flowers of faith
lying dormant in our hearts,
And give us ears to hear, dear God,
the Springtime song of birds

With messages more meaningful
than man's often empty words
Telling harried human beings
who are lost in dark despair -
'Be like us and do not worry
for God has you in His care.

Helen Steiner Rice (1900-1981)

     photo credits: Easter Lily, originally uploaded by donsutherland.


  1. Mya, Thank you for the Amen! I'm so glad that you liked it too" I thought this poem was so touching and beautiful!....

    Something happened to my original post with your comment on it while I was adjusting the photo.. So here it is again.. Have a wonderful Easter!

  2. This is the first blog post I've read in more than a week and it was just perfect. Happy Easter to you, too. We've been sleeping with the windows open here in WI. Not something we can usually do in April.


  3. Happy Easter to you, too, Vetsy! I'm SO looking forward to eating my Lindt chocolate Easter bunny tomorrow!

  4. Monica, Donna, Mya, I'm so glad you enjoyed it I did too" enjoy your Easter.

  5. Vetsy girl I have meant to come here and visit a while so many times .. then the raccoon saga of a life time started and I was knocked back with the stress .. we think we are safe from them now ? LOL .. and I need time to get back to my old self again ? maybe I need a new self ? LOL
    Hope you are having a nice peaceful holiday girl !
    Joy : )

  6. Joy, I'm so glad that you are safe from them at the moment ...I heard that these cute little critters are some sneaky destructive, little bandits!

  7. Happy Easter, Vetsy!

    I love the sentiment of this post, Amen! Thank you for the Easter greeting. : ) I hope that you and yours had a beautiful Easter celebration!

    Happy Spring : )

  8. Karrita so glad you enjoyed it as well.

  9. Yes, that was a good sentiment for Easter. As a Christian, it's my favorite holiday.

  10. Thank you sue...I'm happy that you enjoy it.