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Friday, May 21, 2010

A few pass alongs and berries

These bearded Irises were given to my Mother by her sister a couple of years ago and a few were passed along to me, they have a perfumed scent, but I have to place my nose near them to smell them.

Below: Comfrey (symphytum tuberosum).. is an herb that was given to my parent's by my eldest sister, it is not yet in full bloom but is still gorgeous, the bees love it and I do too".

Added a Solar water lily fountain this month. A baby sparrow kept trying to drink from it, leaped onto it and I thought it was going to drown, but it took a big gulp and flew up and out to my relief and to my surprise!. I hate that I did not catch this action  with my camera..

Last year I planted my first strawberries and politely forgot the variety in the planter that is holding the ceramic bunny momma and baby... I have  two other  containers of 'Ozark beauty' which are Ever bearers. Ever bearers will produce fruit from spring to autumn.

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  1. I wish I could smell those irises. How nice that your family exchanges plants! And hooray for your strawberry! I hope you get a good harvest. Mine aren't doing so well, not sure why.

  2. Don't feel bad Bumble lush.. I haven't learned the proper things to do to get my strawberries to be bountiful yet... I had about twelve last year on my fist strawberry plant.

    I read some where on the net that you are supposed to pinch the first years blooms to get a lot more the following year.

  3. oh i love passed on pressie plants, it makes it all the more special when they bloom and do well. Makes you think of the person who gave them to you and just smile. I hardly ever remember the variety of things i'm growning so don't worry ;)

  4. Carrie nice to hear from you again, thanks for stopping by..

  5. Good afternoon, Irises ans peonies were favorites of my fathers. I say favorite, but really he was a true gardener in the sense that he could baby most anything to bloom. I wish I had inherited some of his talent.
    Solar fountain...and here I am trying to figure how to stretch a cord from the back yard to the front porch where there is an outlet without everyone tripping over it. I'll have to rethink this, of course it might require more diret sun than I have, but I will check this out. Glad you mentioned it; where have I been?

  6. I love peonies too" I first fell in love with them when I was five and visiting my grandmother's house, they were large dainty and pink ...I was five years old and was mesmerized by them and the ants that were all over them.

  7. Plants from family/friends/neighbors are the best.

    I'm not familiar with Comfrey, but I like how the plant and its flowers look.

    I didn't know there was such a thing as a solar water lily fountain. Your post is full of new things to me. Maybe that little sparrow was trying to tell you to add a birth bath to your yard. haha

    Planting stawberries in containers is something I've always wondered about. Seems like something fun to do with kids.

  8. Vetsy girl : )
    I had no idea that some iris have scent ! .. I have the wild structure type .. Siberian ? I haven't tried smelling them but you have me wondering ! LOL
    I love your little water feature .. a few years back we had something similar with an old fashioned water pump to it .. but for some reason we took it apart and I used it for a container .. now of course I am sorry we did that and it is long gone. But our micro mini pond seems to be working out with Bert and Ernie .. I actually got to see Bert yesterday ! haha
    Comfrey I haven't tried yet .. there are so many interesting herbs and I want to try them all .. Have you tried Lemon Verbena ? it smells absolutely WONDERFUL !! just like those hard lemons candies .. it is amazing .. you have to try it : )

  9. Hi Vetsy,

    Your comfrey plant looks so pretty. Don't you just love giving and receiving plants from friends and family? Seems to make those plants that much more special. Sounds like your new solar water fountain is doubling as a bird bath.
    Hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather! ~Karrita

  10. Karrita nice to chat with you again...Yep some of the braver birds in my yard will create their own little luxuries.. This characters are a scream to watch!

  11. Donna kids would love planting those strawberries and eating them too".

    No, joy i have not tried lemon verbena but I've smelled it and it does smell yummy!