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Monday, May 24, 2010

" A Man Named Pearl "

A Man Named Pearl' is a delightful true story for anyone who loves to garden and have an appreciation for Topiaries.

Pearl Fryer a novice gardener from Bishopsville Sc,  has done with his garden that many said could not be done with-out a Horticultural back ground.

 His garden is now a wonderful work of Art that is seen today by people all over the World  it's a must see and a wonderful Documentary for people of all ages! 
please visit... www.amannamedpearl.com

Photo credit is  by giddygirlie of flikr.com


  1. Vetsy, I'm losing it for I could have sworn that I had already read and commented on this post. In a second I am going to call it a day.

    Either I saw this same program on TV or another one about Mr. Fryer. His life story should be an encouragement to all.

    It is good that he is getting a little bit of recognition that he very much deserves.

    Thanks for the info about the solar motor. I have a Lowe's close by and will check it out.

  2. good grief - what an amazing man and garden, it's like a dream world there. Amazing!

  3. Vetsy -- So glad you decided to post this on Vetsy's View. You already know how much I enjoyed it.


  4. Mya, Carrie, Donna, Thanks again for checking it out.

  5. Interesting! Hadn't heard about this. Thanks for mentioning it!