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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day.. May 2010

It's that time again, the 15th of every month when we join Carol our host of Garden Blogger's bloom Day to post What's blooming in our gardens.

 This is one of the prettiest shrubs in my yard and I have never known for sure of it's exact specie, it  has lots of round white clustered flowers with a wonderful light scent like a very, very faint gardenia...butterflies were all over it today.. I think it is called..Deutzia Scabra ( doot-see-uh ) belonging to the Hydrangeaceae Family..
 I didn't get around to clipping it into a nice shape like I did last year..Oh" well"... it's still pretty.

Why must these yellow drops of sunshine be such a beautiful weed! I removed mass mountain's of them today and left a small patch that will probably be a mountain next year...I need to replace it with a look alike that's Not a weed! ..This weed I'm speaking of  is a creeping buttercup.. ( Ranunculous repens ) it spreads by under ground runners, which make it  a Monsters to get rid of...It is very invasive and I have tried year after year to get rid of it by digging it up.... But I must not have done a very good job removing all of the root system..because they returned as if I had never moved them at all.

 I read today that I should repeat the process more than once  ( lots of digging and tilling ) and that should do the trick..if not, I should try an herbicide. I don't really like to use chemicals in my garden so I guess I'll be getting some more exercise until I can find a replacement.

Purple Ice plant and dainty blue bell flowers...Two of my favorite colors in the garden. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments and have a Happy Garden Blogger's Bloom Day!




  1. Hey,Vetsy....how are you? I forgot all about GBBD until reading your post. Didn't realize those pretty creeping buttercups were invasive. Very nice photo with the butterfly. I've been seeing butterflies around here, too. The purple ice plant is new to me. I like it.


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  3. I'm much better...Thank you.

    I love these creeping buttercups even though they can be a pain in the butt with their aggressive trait"

    I just found out yesterday during a search on the net that they are actually Weeds!

    These are the only weeds that I will allow to stay in just a small area of my yard..but I better keep an eye on them at all times!

  4. Hi Vetsy, thank you for visiting and commenting over on my blog. I just had to come and see what your creeping buttercup looks like. Now I understand what you are dealing with. I have the double variety and it is aggressive, too, but maybe not as bad as yours. My parents had acres of it, and mother pressed and dried some of the little flowers. I have read that the sap can be irritating to the skin. She thought the seeds were in with the seeds of the winter wheat that they planted. It surely was pretty, cars would stop down on the highway and people took pictures. When I first saw your photo of the lovely shrub of white flowers the first thought that came to mind was Mock Orange (Philadelphus genus). Have you ruled that out?

  5. Thank you Barbee", no I haven't ruled that out yet thanks, I'll look into that some more..Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  6. Vetsy girl ! hello again : )
    I haven't seen the creeping buttercup before and now I'm wondering if it is in the neighborhood waiting to get me ? LOL
    Isn't it a hoot when those plants do look so nice but then become monsters we try so hard to get rid of .. I had one last year and a friend said you better get rid of everyone you see or else it will take over .. well, I guess I didn't do a good job either ..darn those blasted alien weeds ! haha
    I have Chardonnay Pearls deutzia and the little white flowers do look like pearls .. then they open and look like little stars .. it is a really cute little plant .. you have to love the well behaved ones right ? LOL
    Joy : )

  7. Vetsy, I LOVE that picture with the butterfly. It's a beautiful shot. I was going to guess that maybe it's a hydrangea too, like you suggested. It looks a little like my hydrangeas. Glad you seem to be recovered from your surgery :)

  8. Yes..Joy it's always a big plus to have well behaved plants in the garden, it makes things so much easier!

    Bumble lush I had to stand in one spot for several painful minutes just to get three little shots of them Lol!, I'm glad you liked one of the three I decided to use...

    I think these butterflies were painted ladies and they would flutter out of my reach and shot ever time I moved....

    Thank you both for stopping by..

  9. Hi Vetsy,
    I've grown buttercups before, and yes, they spread far and wide. I planted some on a hill at church where not much else grows. Now that I've successfully grown another spreader, butter and eggs in a washtub, I'm tempted to dig some up at church to grow in one. Are you zone 4 or 5? I wonder if you could get some buttercups to grow in a tub so you can enjoy them without them getting into other beds. You probably don't want the tub over dirt, though. LOL

    I planted a deutzia last year, and it is getting ready to bloom. Yours sure is pretty. Oh, yeah, your ice plants and bellflowers are in pots and looking great, so I bet the buttercups would be OK, too.

    Is your comfrey blooming yet? My taller one has some buds opening now.

  10. Hi..Sue I'm in zone 5, Good idea about the buttercups in the tub.

    My Comfrey plants are almost ready to flower they have buds and I'm waiting on them to open. can't wait to post the pictures of them and my flags that are starting to open as well...