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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Garden Blogger Bloom day Sept 2010

 It's Garden Blogger's Bloom Day  the 15th of every month when garden blogger's join our host Carol of My Dream Gardens..  http://www.maydreamsgardens.com to share what's blooming in our gardens.

My other garden blooms are done for the season, I have a  few fall blooms to show..just a few...and those few are some of my favorite sedums.

I took this photo of Sedum/Stonecrop,  Matrona around 8am this morning... there were about 4 sleeping Bumble bees on them.. I like Matrona for it's upright form and antiquish pink color.

I found a small piece of it on the ground in front of my bank about three or four years ago and stuck it in some water until it grew a few roots.. than placed it in a pot.

The stems and leaves of my Matrona are spongy, yellow and sickly,  this was the only part of it I took that still looks a little descent.

  below..another upright  Stonecrop...Stardust a pass along plant from my aunt.

 " Vera Jameson" another pass along, this one from my mother.. I think is the prettiest Stonecrop that I'm aware of thus far...I love it's deep mauve or pink color.. It has a trailing spreading  habit and was really beautiful until ants got a hold of it and almost destroyed it last summer..

Happy Garden Bloom day and thank you for stopping by..


  1. The plant, "Vera Jameson" in the last two pics is so captivating! Love its mauve hues... hope it will last forever in your garden Vetsy. The rest of the plants here are also pretty! Now I really wish to see one stonecrop in the nurseries :-D Have a wonderful day.

  2. Vetsy, I just love sedums and yours are very fine! Do you grow all yours in pots? I have them in every flowerbed and in hypertufa containers. Your Vera Jameson is gorgeous. Pam x

  3. Thank you Pam, yes I grow all of them in post. I would like to place a couple in flower beds next year.

  4. I love your Sedum! They have huge blooms on them. I bet the bees and butterflies are enjoying them too!
    They are supposedly very easy to propagate. Just pluck the leaves off the bottom of one stem and stick in some fertile ground.

    Take care

  5. Thanks Rosey..I was out in the garden plucking away and sticking them this time in dirt.. The first time I tried this I was not aware that I could just pluck them down in soil, I had placed a piece in water until it rooted than placed it in dirt... Now I have the short cut..
    Thank you.

  6. These pictures are so pretty, and the last two have the shades of fall. Just curious, do you belong to a gardening group where you live, or do you swap cuttings with others?

    A million years ago a friend had an early autumn, back porch party. She furnished everthing, but everyone was asked to bring a few cuttings, bulbs, etc. to swap with the other guests. You were to provide written plants names and instructions for taking care of plants or how to root the samplings.
    I thought it sounded like a lot of fun, and you might just come home with something other than what you would normally find at the local nursery.

    I think everyone enjoyed it - I never attended. I never had anything that looked worth taking!

  7. You sure have a nice variety of sedums. I think Stardust and Vera are my favorites.

    I had to laugh when you called one upright. I must not have my autumn joy types in enough sun, because all three kinds are floppy in the bed I have most of them in.

  8. Thank you Maya.. One day I'd like to join one of those plant swaps.. I do have a few pass a longs from relatives.

    Thanks Sue, those are my favorites for now until I discover and fall in love with newer sedums as they come along.

  9. The blooms are very beautiful. I'm sure these lovely pass alongs came with many fond memories too.

  10. Thank you Autumn Belle they do come with fond memories..