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Saturday, September 25, 2010

" Brrrrrrrr .... It's  Fall! and we have fallen into fall around here in Michigan with bright beautiful sunny days with cool temperatures in the 50's and 60's and right on cue around this time of year I caught my first cold/virus but I'm recovering and  feeling much better.

Once again I'm amazed at how fast time is flying by.. This month is out of here!

But in my opinion It feels as if it just came in.  During a shopping trip to my local Kmart store there were two  seasonal displays going on at one time, Christmas and Halloween deco shared the same isle! What the heck is up with that? and what about Thanksgiving? where were the Turkeys going to be displayed? ..Under the Christmas trees"....  Lol!

Anywho.. I wrote this letter to inform everyone that at the end of this Month  I'll be taking a temporary hiatus from blogging to go back to school for a few enrichment courses, however when time permits, I'll get back in the swing of things with a few blogs here and there and popping in on your blogs to catch up on the latest in you neck of the woods.

Thank you ....Vetsy..

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  1. Good luck, Vetsy! I look forward to your return!

  2. Thank you Rosey, I shall return.

  3. Dear Vetsy, You will be missed! I look forward to your kind comments on my blog. Thank you for asking about my mother ... she has made a good recovery from the fall, but the dementia is getting worse. It is very sad.

    Wishing you a successful school year. Pam x

  4. Enjoy your school days and classes. I went to college at age 40 and absolutely loved it! Happy autumn!

  5. Thank you Pam, and I'm sad along with you..I know it must be a painful challenge for you, my prayers and helpful wishes are with you.

    Barbee" Thanks for sharing that! It peps me up..

  6. Vetsy, Have you decided what courses you are going to take? I think this is exciting. Everytime I have taken a course, regardless of its importance, I have enjoyed the learning something new, and even enjoyed the change in schedule.
    When I entered nursing school I was the oldest student they had ever had. Most of the girls were fresh out of high school and I was in my late 30's. One of the counselors could not understand why I did not attend their special pajama parties at the dorm. Trying to explain to her that I was much older and did not live in the dorm did not compute with her - I have no idea what she wrote in my school folder. At least you will not encounter that.
    Do keep in touch.

  7. Lol! Thank you Mya for sharing that with me you know I love a good laugh!

    I will be taking a few courses in business administration.

    I am happy to report that there will be at least a few students that are older than I, but at my age I will not be joining any young girls pajama parties although it would be flattering.. Lol!

    Thank you all for your support..

  8. i hope you enjoy your classes! september really is flying by...here we still have temps in the upper 80s and lower 90s, but it gets chilly at night, and at any time we could get a cold snap. have you had your first freeze yet? i'm hoping it holds off here until i've harvested all my tomatoes...

  9. Thank you Emily I'm certainly going to try.

    No we have not had a cold snap as of yet but here in Michigan it won't be long before that happens....Brrr"

  10. Dear Vetsy, happy attending the courses you have chosen. I would love to do that one day. Keep in touch. Take care and have a great month!

  11. They seem to put Christmas decorations up earlier and earlier each year. We're just still putting up the fall decor, I always wait to do the Halloween decorating until after my daughter's birthday at the beginning of October.
    Good luck with your classes!

  12. Thank you Catherine, I bet you decorate indoors as lovely as you do out..

    Have a wonderful day.

  13. Hi Vetsy,
    I think it was Sam's Club where we saw some Christmas items a couple weeks ago.

    How exciting to be taking some classes! I haven't taken any for quite some time. I had thought about taking one or two classes this summer, but didn't even get around to looking at what was being offered.

    Have fun, and buy some nice pajamas just in case there's a party. LOL

  14. Thanks Sue ... I'm trying to adjust to my classes and today I felt like I needed to jump back in bed with my PJ's and pillow LoL..

    Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement.

  15. Hello Vetsy,

    Thanks for stopping by Dung Hoe. I am hoping things are going well for you with your classes.

    I think when we lived in Michigan, recycling was just starting up ( yes, it was a while ago) I remember going to the can deposit at Meijer and thinking how strange it was to get 10 cents for a can. I wish more states would adopt that deposit! Do you think your state is more clean for having that? I think people would pick up more aluminum cans if they thought there might be a reward!

  16. Hi Vetsy,
    Thanks for visiting my bloom day post. I hope your studies are going well.

    I have been bringing some plants inside the last few days. Our lows are getting into the upper 30s, and in a couple nights, 34 is forecast. The highs are still in the 60s and 70s. It sure is getting dark early.

  17. Thank you Rosey," Yes it's a little cleaner because of the bottle deposits. I do wish every state had this bottle return recycling option, my sister who moved south four years ago misses this option as well".

    To my surprise Rosey... Lol! I'm doing pretty well in my classes thus far.. Thank you for asking.

    Sue I have moved several plants inside as well, I didn't won't to wait for a surprise frost, so I moved them inside a little earlier than I did last year.

    Sue I had to learn things all over again that I had not realized that I had forgotten, for several days I was that deer in headlights Lol!..But I have it together now... Thanks for asking.

  18. Vetsy, Though you are away from blogging, I am giving a Happy Award to you. If you do not accept awards that is alright - you do not even need to contact me - just know that your blog makes me happy.

  19. Thank you Mya...It makes me happy to receive your Happy award. I accept.

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  21. I have been given a Happy Award by my blogging friend Mya of elbows on my window sill and I must concur that I too" will make a list of fellow blogger's who make me happy..

    The receivers of this Award must post TEN blogs that make them Happy and Like mya stated on her blog, this is not an easy task! for there are so many fellow blogger's who have brought me joy since I started posted in the winter of

    If I had the option.. All of you would be posted as blogger's who make me Happy!

    (1) Mya..Of elbows on my window sill,
    (2) Donna of Mama Mia Days
    (3) Catherine a gardener in progress
    (4) Monica of the garden fairie's musing
    (5) Rosey of Dung hoe
    (6) Sue of corner gardener sue.
    (7) Pam of Pam's English cottage garden
    (8) Barbee of Barbee's blog
    (9) Carrie of Grow your own.
    (10)Stephanie of Steph's green space

  22. I make you happy? Awwww. What a nice thing to say. Thank you.

    It's my wish for you that you're being gloriously enriched by your classes.

    I'll be checking back here often to see if you've posted anything. But....school work comes first. lol

    Hugs, donna