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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kitties come acourting

     Help!..Panini  my indoor house cat is in heat and she is driving me Crazy!                         


Her courting ritual includes but not limited to .. crawling through the house in a strange looking squat with a her tail twisted to one side, If you have not witnessed this before.. you may find.. It's a strange and funny looking sight to behold...She also swims across the floor doing the back stroke.  All hours of the day and night I have had to endure her Meowing, Yelling and Yowling  and one Morning around 3am I almost gave in and put her outside"

House Dashing: ........Dashing through the house with the speed of light, she hits the walls, bouncing off of them with amazing backward flips.. that left me stunned and amazed.

One day I opened my Kitchen door that leads to my basement where I had Panini confined for the day.

( Don't worry cat lover's)  the basement is a cool hang out for Panini where she has a nice fuzzy bed and lots of windows to watch for birds and her lovers. .... I was headed down there to do some laundry and Panini sprinted wildly up eight flights of stairs turning backwards in mid air like Micheal Jordan going for the hoop.....

 Still in mid air she twisted and  planted her back side on the back door like a touch down on a foot ball field!... and once again I was left spell bound and speechless"  What did this mean?  I guess only a cat would know the answer to that. 

Kitties come a courting!

 Garfield:  A big orange cat with mischievous amber eyes.
 Tyrone:  A black and white male cat with a Large head...
 Max:      A Splotchy multicolored cat with Bi-colored eyes

The boy friends are marking everything in sight : Car tires, bushes, basement windows, garbage cans, front door, side door, my porch, my neighbors porch and everything else in between..

I learned that these suitors can smell a female cat in heat from the inside of my house..Wow!
I wondered how these cats found out that I owned a female.

Panini and her quest for love have left me sleepless, speechless, amazed and exhausted... for cat urine and cat antics are only enjoyed by cats..and nature has designed it that way...

So my Panini will be spayed this Sunday 21rst at 8:30 in the morning at the Michigan Humane Society. Yahoo!... Now Me and Panini will be happier and we both can keep our Sanity...I will update everyone on her recovery.

Also check out... How to Stop your Cat  Spraying at: http://catsanddogsp.blogspot.com


  1. Why not get her fixed? There are waaaaay to many cats in the world as it is, and this not only fixes that but she won't have to be in heat any more, either.

  2. I'm so Happy for her and myself..stay tuned.

  3. I think you've made the right choice for Panini. You'll both be happier. Our boy, Butterscotch, does that crazy running around thing and he's not in heat.

    I'll be looking for the updates on your kitty.


  4. Donna that's funny..Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Panini is beautiful! I enjoyed the post. Look forward to hearing more.

  6. Those antics sound so funny to read, but they probably wore you out. It brings back memories of when my husband and I had some friends' cat stay with us a few days, and she was in heat. Wow, those vocalizations drove us crazy!

    I hope Panini heals quickly. I think recovery time for that is pretty short.

  7. Thank you sue...and yes you are right, recovery time is two weeks.

  8. Vetsy both my girls are spayed and yet we still have courting Toms that drive me bonkers .. they spray the deck door and I am always cleaning it .. cats should be indoors .. it is too dangerous out there in the real world for them .. people can be so dumb ? !!

  9. I was given a tip from an blogger on another web page..I haven't tried it yet, but she instructed me to place moth balls all over my yard to discourage them because she said that cats don't like the smell.... I sure hope this works! Because they are still visiting my yard.

  10. I have a comment about the moth balls. You may want to read up on them, because I'm thinking they are not good for the environment. My next door neighbor used to put some in her yard to discourage snakes. I have heard that doesn't work. They sure stink up our yard, though, and I find it difficult to breathe when she's used them.

  11. Sue I'll check that out you maybe correct.