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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Panini gets Spayed

Top : Panini in Petco carrier headed into the Michigan Humane Society.
 http:// www.michiganhumane.org

Yaaay! Panini is spayed I'm so happy!....After yowling, meowing, crying and chewing extra holes in her carrier box while riding in the back seat...I feared she may react in a bad manner out of fear and nervousness and the more she cried and chewed, the more nervous I became, because a few days before surgery a receptionist over the phone asked me about her character..." Is she a friendly cat?".. Yes I responded.

Now I'm scared and talking to myself...." Oh God please don't let Panini jump out of the box and run away"  Pleezzz.. don't let her scratch me, the receptionist... her assistant or the Vet.

 Panini begins to hiss...followed by more yowling"...My sister and mother who agreed to accompany me..began to talk and sing to her..It was a car full of noises and bad nerves and I was glad our destination wasn't very far! ...

A clueless.. yet suspicious Panini is taken out of the box.

Panini  isn't sure what all the touching is all about and her eyes are as big as saucers!

When we arrived I was surprised to see Panini was not the only cat for this Sunday appointment.

about 10 people were already in line when we arrived at 8:30am.....Some owner's had one cat while a few others had two... all were yowling and meowing as they peered out of their carriers...  As I signed in and took my place in line I noticed Panini had fallen silent........

And she had remained so.. until they called her name to go in to see the Vet.... To my relief she handled the entire event very well...No one was bitten or scratched.

At 3:30pm I returned to bring Panini home and I am very pleased so far with her surgical outcome...She only needed a small incision and has dissolvable sutures..Yay!

I am instructed to give her ..her medication and watch her closely..making sure she doesn't aggravate her stitched area by over licking it.. If she does she will need a collar.

I'll update later as she recovers.

Bottom left:  Poor Panini is not feeling so well..but she'll recover soon... in a couple of weeks she'll be fine.



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  2. Glad to hear Panini is doing well! Love your blog!

  3. What a brave girl (and you too!) She'll be fine and dandy again in no time. Give her a little tickle from me x

  4. Hello Deb and Carrie Thank you for your kind words. Panini is feeling a little better today.

  5. Yay!!! You will both be much happier in the long run. The thing is, you can't predict how a cat is going to act at the vet based on its normal personality. Fiona is oddly cooperative at the vet and James is a big handful, the opposite of their normal behavior. :) P.S. I like Panini as a cat name.

  6. Thank you Monica...My younger sister named her after watching a Cartoon called Chowder.

    There is a bunny rabbit female character who's names is Panini and my sis thought that it would be a cute name for a female kitty.

  7. so cute! i adore cats. we always had cats as kids growing up. i so can't wait till i get one of my own. congrats on getting her spayed. :)

  8. Vetsy, you did an incredible job of chronicling Panini's ordeal. Good to know that she made you proud by not biting or scratching anyone.

    She really a very pretty cat and I bet you enjoy her.


  9. hi vesty,

    i left you an award on my blog. :)

  10. Good for you to have your cat neutered. She's a sweet Calico and obviously knew how to behave. When we had Ikey neutered, he disappeared the next day and was gone for the next 4 days on a last hurrah that we had not anticipated. He came home badly beaten and is now a homebody.

  11. Oh No".. poor Ikey! I know that must have been a freighting shock to you to see him that way.

    Those males are a stubborn lot. Sometimes it takes life to show us humans and animals alike what paths we should follow.

    Ikey learned something you could have never taught him yourself... Thank goodness he returned home and is doing well.

  12. Vetsy ! Panini is a beautiful Calico girl .. she reminds me of my past girls who we loved so dearly .. if you scroll down to the end of my blog on to the right side bar you will see them. I am so glad everything went well with the surgery .. it can scare the heck out of us when they have to go through this ordeal .. she is a beauty and her name is wonderful : )

  13. Thank you.. Molly was a beautiful Kitty and she does look a lot like Panini...I know you miss her much.