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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day 7-15-2010

It's that time again.. The 15th of every Month when participating garden blogger's join our host Carol of My Dream Gardens to post What's blooming in their gardens?

If you like.. go to My Dream Gardens and join in on the fun.. What's Blooming in my Garden?.. mostly Zinnia's.   I just recently learned that there are at  least 20 species of Zinnia's and that they are Natives to Mexico.

I don't know what species mine are because I misplaced the seed package and can't find it any where...So I was surprised to see that they weren't the common  Zinnia's of my childhood these are two feet Tall with flower heads that remind me of Mums.

Below:  Black eyed Susan's

 Below:  Cosmos blooms on the side of the house near the driveway..

 Below: The second flush of pink blooms on my roses ( I believe they are knockout roses but not sure ) also  located on the driveway side of the house.

Below:  Petunia's hang from a basket on the front porch 

Below:  In the front yard.. purple and white petunia's out number a spike plant.  I thought the spike plant was going to get a lot bigger and give a cool look to the grouping...But these spikes were not the one"

 I planted this group of flowers to replace a red, very thorny sick  rose, I once called the "Red Devil"  Rose not shown.

Below: Pansies share a container with sweet alyssums...          

     These are the blooms of today... Happy Garden bloom Day and Thank you for Stopping by my blog.


  1. Lucky you to have pansies still blooming. They look great with the alyssum.

    Love those pink petunias and the orange cosmos. Wanted some yellow or orange cosmos this year and couldn't find anything but white and pink.

  2. Hi! Marnie Thanks for coming by to see what's blooming in my neck of the woods..

  3. So nice to still see pansies and alyssum. They have been gone for months here in Central Texas. Your garden is very lovely.

  4. Thank you Tufa Girl nice to meet you..

  5. I LOVE those Zinnias! I'm disappointed none of mine came up this year, hopefully next year I'll have better luck. Another one I miss is that pretty Orange Cosmos, I just love that color. It looks very pretty in your garden.

  6. Thank you Catherine... I hadn't had Zinnia's since I was 10 years old.

    I grew them for memory sake and discovered I like these in particular more so than the good old fashioned ones.

  7. Vetsy, it was so kind of you to stop by my blog. I thought for sure that everyone would have forgotten me by now.

    Your petunias with the alyssums are especially pretty. I can't get either one of them to thrive when it gets hot.

    Cosmos are always so pretty, so dainty and lady like. I have a few growing in a pot.

    Nice to see you participating in GBBD. I've not done so for a couple of months now.

    We are all fine here, including Phillip. Summer has us all running around like crazy people.

    Hugs, donna

  8. You're growing some of my favorite kinds of flowers. I love those zinnias. The ones I planted last year were not like the photos on the 2 packets. One was supposed to be cactus types, like your one on the right in the first set of photos. The others were supposed to be pastel, but weren't. I got some different ones planted late this year, and they haven't bloomed yet.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my GBBD post. Try some lisianthus. I buy them as small plants from a local nursery. Wait, I think I grew some from seed last year. Now that our kitchen is done, I'll want to start more seeds inside next spring.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Vetsy, Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment. I love yours -- same template as mine, but looks so different. Your zinnias are great. I grew some from seed this year, and I'm pleased with the result. Lovely post. Pam

  10. Donna, Sue and Pam... Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your kind comments..always nice to hear from my fellow bloggers...Vetsy

  11. Lovely blooms Vetsy! Your Zinnias are very pretty!

  12. Hi Vetsy,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and also thanks for following. It is so nice to meet another Michigander. We lived there from 1990-1995 in Grand Rapids.

  13. It's nice meeting you too" Rosey.

  14. Vetsy, looks like your yard is full of flowers - how beautiful. I like that picture of petunias around the spike plant. It looks like you have a table arrangement growing right in your yard.
    Here it is July and I just now put some impatiens in the ground. I had to look and look for a nursey that still had some individual plants. If I start planning now, maybe I will be ready for fall...nah.

  15. Thank you Maya, You will be ready for fall Maya they will probably be coming out with some fall flowers soon...

  16. Came over from Rosey's site. I love finding fellow Michigan Bloggers. I'm following you now. Would love to have you follow back.

  17. Lindalou nice to meet you..

  18. Hi Vetsy, I got your link from Rosey. The zinnia looks like a cactus zinnia that I have in my garden. I only have the orange one. Glad I dropped by. You have a lovely garden/blog. Have a great day!

  19. Hi! Stephanie nice to meet you... Corner garden sue stated that It looks like a cactus zinnia too" you guys are probably correct...I'll go with that. Thank you...

  20. Thanks Monica... I just love the color of Orange in the Garden... It just has that Wow factor to it..