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Friday, July 30, 2010

A little Summer Whimsy

" Gee" Where did July go!  Just as I began to enjoy it... It decides to leave me, Here are some of my favorite Whimsical scenes and  happenings from July... Below I made what I thought would be a barrier against those pesky house sparrows.....They usually do not like protruding objects hanging above their heads..But have watched and studied  my chickadee's from the nearby shrubs and learned as I thought they would... how to utilize it"  ... It  makes a cute little decorative piece don't you think"...

 Below:  A chickadee eats from my coconut and has encouraged it's babies to do so as well, I don't however have a photo of them and barley got this one..They are fast moving little birds that are just too quick for my camera .. right a chickadee family member takes a drink from the smaller birdbath.


Below:   I  rediscovered my childhood love for Zinnia's I have always loved their crayon like colors.
I lost the seed package and could not identify them.. Thanks to Sue" of  A corner garden sue  and  Rosey of dung hoe...I learned that they are Cactus Zinnia's Thank you ladies"...

Below:  Panini my female kitty spends countless hours in this window, desperately wishing to be an outdoor kitty.. Here's what I know she was  thinking  because I saw it leap from the shrub to the roof .. " Was that a squirrel ?   " Wow  that was  Amazzzzing!

 Below:  her favorite toy in the whole wide world! Nothing can compare.. Nothing!

Below: goldfinches are such pretty little birds".....

You would think my birds would be spooked by this kitty... But their not, birds are always smarter then they look"

froggy's around the sedums

Below: several scenes from the Detroit river walk.... The sand art was sponsored by Meijers superstore.

 Below:  A carnival ride

  Below:  The Detroit Princess and  many other boats of all shapes and sizes float by in the river as people watch them from the walk.

people walking and watching boats on the River walk

Below:  Children love the fountain that shoots water from the ground..

Below: Soulliere is one of my favorite garden centers.. for garden plants and Whimsical garden art..

 wished I had time to share more...Thank you for stopping by and  leaving a comment I love to hear from you...


  1. Oh I miss Meijers! We used to spend so much time ( and money) there.
    I love the sand art.
    I also like your coconut birdhouse. Very clever!
    Have a good weekend. I can't believe it is almost August!

  2. Thank you Rosey... I can't believe it either!

  3. Hi Vetsy

    Love!!!!all of your cuties in the garden, Who would ever think of using a coconut for a feeder/birdhouse, so cutie. the zinna's are beautiful.


  4. Thanks Sue..I'm going to try my hand at painting them in the future..

  5. Great pictures. These pictures are "a few of my favorite things," carrousels, chickadees, goldfinches, boats, sand sculptures, kittys and flowers, etc.
    I was just looking at a blog that had pictures of zinnias, and my thought was exactly - crayons. They are such a happy flower.
    Every time I get to go to the beach, I hope to have time to build a sand castle. Oh course, mine are just little bitty sand castles. These sculptures, they do amaze me - I still think they cheat and use glue - ha.

  6. Luv that you compared the color of your zinnias to crayons. That description fits perfectly.

    Is the coconut a feeder or a house or both? I can't get over how cute it is. I need to go back and check your previous post on this.

    The sand art is impressive. Wow! Anything that's by the water always draws me in.

    Your cute little Panini always looks so cute in pictures. She doesn't really want to be an outdoor cat. She knows she has it good inside with you.


  7. Wish I had known about that Detroit River walk--that is awesome!! I also love those zinnias. I never liked zinnias and then one day--bing!--I did. That shot of Panini looking out the window is awesome. You can see the gleam in her eye!

  8. Hi Vetsy, look like your cactus zinnia flourished in full blossom for you now. They are wonderful! Oh your garden ornaments are very attractive. And I like the way you snapped the last pic... very captivting :-D Enjoy your weekend.

    PS: Thanks for the sand art photos. The works are admirable.

  9. Thank you mya.. I felt like a little girl again when I saw the sand castle and carousal, I even rode it before I left..

    "Yes Donna the coconut feeder can be both, but I'm using it as a feeder, it would be really cute to witness birds living in it one day..
    I hope to try one as a house in the future.

    Monica I think these are now my favorite of all zinnia's ( The Cactus zinnia )

    Thank you Steph... I didn't know how full and pretty these Cactus zinnia's were going to become... this is my first experience with this variety..

  10. Wow.

    I love the sand vegetable sculptures. Amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. Your Zinnias are so pretty, Vetsy! I like your birdfeeder too. Thanks for sharing, see you more in August!

  12. Nice to meet you mangocheeks.. Hi! heather Thank you both for stopping by..

  13. Hi Vetsy, what a great post. You packed a lot into this one. First, love your kitty! Those sand sculptures are fantastic. Can't imagine spending all that time on something so temporary.

    I love zinnias too. They do well in containers here but hate to be planted in the garden and don't do well there.

    House sparrows are frustrating. Hope your idea is working. Nothing I've tried has helped get rid of them.

  14. Hi! Thank you Marnie... I have to do an update on those darn sparrows! They found away to utilize my coconut feeder..
    I'm really not surprised, but it still makes me mad as heck!

  15. I love how you made the cover for the birdfeeder, it looks so cute. I'm going to look for Cactus Zinnias next year, they really are neat looking flowers. I found three Zinnia seedlings yesterday so it looks like I may have some this year.
    Panini is so cute in the bag. I remember having a cat that loved paper bags too.

  16. Thank you Catherine.. The Cactus Zinnias have grown on me a lot.. I'll be delighted to have them again next year..

    Today one of the chickadees tried to pull a piece of the artificial leaf off and I wondered was it trying to find nesting material.

    I have to be careful around Panini in those paper bags! If she's still..I wont know that she's in It..