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Sunday, July 25, 2010

A little bit of this and that

  I found this little Momma in my front yard this morning chewing on my grass.  She's a very small, very pregnant little Kitty that belongs to someone in my neighborhood.

Below:  Panini and the little Momma check each other out at the front and side door.. She's a cute little thing and has been hanging around for a couple of days...But  for her safety I hope she'll go home before she gives birth to her little kittens.

Below:   A photo of  my Early girl tomato's after yesterday's rain....

I'd thought they would be bigger after I worked in manure and a few leaves of dried kelp,
But hey"...I'll take what I can get"

Next year I'll experiment with some liquid Kelp... A tip I took from fellow blogger Emily of ...Your apples are my oranges... She placed a few cherry tomato stalks  into a jar of water and  liquid kelp and got little blossoms afterward... How Cool is that!

Below: Lemon cucumbers.. aren't  they cute"

Below:  If I'm not mistaken... I believe this is a sensitive plant
( Mimosa ) that hitched a ride with my tomato plants when I purchased them from a garden center.

Below: A lone cucumber ( a ) and ( b)  Peppers,  Better Belle and Big Red share a container.

Below: My cardinal couple are back nesting in another shrub in my yard, But I'm not expecting little off springs this time around..  It's sort of a wait and see... Maybe or Maybe not..

Below:  Thanks to the greedy sparrows, the chickadees have discovered the coconut bird feeder I made for them.  However they are so quick I did not catch them or their cute little off springs in the photo..

I moved the coconut feeder to a different  location away from it's original site..

( photo on the right below with sparrows ) so that they could have the coconut to themselves.. NOT!

A  few slick sparrows as I suspected  a  few would... are Crashing this coconut party",  but it's okay for now because it's just a few...

P.S if you missed how to make a coconut bird feeder from my earlier post  here's the link..http://vetsysview.blogspot.com/2010/07/coconut-birdfeeder.html

Just a little bit of this and that... Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.. I love hearing from you..


  1. Hi Vetsy,

    I remember those Cardinals from Michigan! I miss those beauties!

    My son just planted some sensitive plants in pots. He thinks they are so cool! ( he is 11)

    cute cat, I hope you find her owner.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


  2. Hi Rosey.. " I feel you.. My uncle also an ex-Michigander moved to Arizona a couple of years ago and it's a whole different world their with both the plant and animals species alike..

  3. Hi Vetsy,
    I hope the cat gets back home.

    Your produce and birds look happy and healthy. I'm thinking Early Girl tomatoes are smaller than other kinds. I hope you enjoy them before the birds take bites out of them. I'm not sure what kind, but I'm thinking it's the robins that do that here, just as the tomatoes are ripening. Something is eating my onions this year. I'm wondering if it's because the tomatoes are late in ripening.

  4. Hi, Vetsy, Your tomatoes are ripening earlier than mine. Late blight is forecast here, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my plants don't get it. The kitties are cute! Pam

  5. wow vetsy, those lemon cucumbers look awesome! i've only ever seen ripe ones--those immature ones look like some kind of tropical fruit. your tomatoes and peppers are beautiful! i love your cat's name, btw. adorable.

  6. Your vegetables are all looking really good. So far only flowers on my tomatoes, I hope I get at least a few. We haven't seen too many birds recently other than hummingbirds, looks like they are loving your yard though.

  7. Yesterday afternoon I saw a stray cat sleeping nicely at the back of my house. The cat looked so cute. Yours are as adorable ;-)

    Lemon cucumber? Does it taste lemony? I have not seen this kind of vege before. Looks like a good ingredient for salad.

    Happy gardening and thanks for sharing the happenings in your garden!

  8. What a sweet Momma kitty. I hope for all your sakes, she goes back home to have her little ones.

    You have some wonderful looking veggies growing and that lemon cucumber is really cute. I've never heard of them much less seen one.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  9. Let's hope mama kitty is not looking for a nesting spot.
    Lemom cukes, never heard of them. Is it the look of them or do they also have a lemony taste?
    I did not know that sparrows could act ugly until I read about the "sparrow spooks" to scare them away from blue bird boxes. They always just looked so cute and small.

  10. Pam.. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too"

    Emily.. I said the same.. they do look like little tropical fruits.. My little sister Named the cat.

    Catherine.. I would love to have hummingbirds in my yard as residents..I so envy you..

    Steph & Mya... I tried an immature one out of curiosity, it tasted like a regular cuke.

    Flower Lady... The same here, the Lemon cukes are a first for me..

    Mya you are too" darn funny!
    But come to think of it, Momma kitty is small enough to fit into a nest..

  11. It's hard to keep those doggone sparrows out of anything. I've given up trying.

    Cute little cat. She's a pretty silvery color. Hope she has her kittens somewhere that they can be kept inside with people. If she has them outdoors, they may grow up wild.

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  13. Hi Marnie... I've given up on those darn sparrows too" it takes up to much time and energy for me to keep them out..

    I just found out this afternoon by a neighbor that Momma kitty was abandoned, so I took her to an animal shelter.

  14. Why does everyone have red tomatoes so far EXCEPT ME? Oh, wait. It's because I don't have the most sunniest location. OK, whew.

  15. Hi! Monica... I understand, I felt just like you a few weeks ago when watching other fellow blogger's harvest their tomatos..

  16. Vetsy girl ! .. I am so slow getting to peoples blogs it is shameful .. I am rather red faced about it all .. my excuse is that things have been so nuts here I am lucky to have a few brain cells left that didn't fry yet ? LOL
    I so hope that beautiful little cat will be taken care of .. I doubt it since it is pregnant and running free .. she makes interesting company for Panini though ?
    I am so out of the loop with veggies .. other than eating them ? LOL .. I had NO idea there could be cucumbers like that ! Now you have me totally interested in maybe next year having some pots of unusual ? veggies : )
    You have such pretty birds visiting you .. we have the Goldfinches and our neighborhood gang .. and a birdbath that really has to be scrubbed out .. so far nothing is getting in the way of a garden day for me today .. I am so needy for that wonderful quiet time .. even with all the work I have to get to .. it fills and calms my soul : )
    Love the look to your blog Vetsy : )

  17. Hi! joy it's okay I understand, glad you stopped by to say hello"

  18. Sad to see that preggers kitty running around the neighborhood. Hope she made it home safely.

    Hey, I planted Early Girls, too. Picked the first one yesterday. They're growing in one of those dumb upside down planters.

    Never heard of lemon cucumbers, but now you have me fascinated. Haven't seen or thought of sensitive plants in years. Thanks for bringing up that memory.


  19. Donna I thought the same too" about those upside down planters Lol!