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Monday, July 12, 2010

Veggies, Kitty, Birds and Nieces

 I had planned to grow a lot more veggies this year, but got off to a bad start... "oh well there is always next year...

  I do have a few Beans, Peppers, Tomato's, and a few Cucumbers that I'm relying on,  so I won't complain to much.

 A cute little sunflower planted by accident by one of those birds eating from my bird feeder.

  Below:  Early girl tomato's, bush beans,  green pepper and one little cucumber.


Below:  My nieces proudly follow in their Auntie Vetsy's foot steps.  I keep a garden Journal and they mimic me with their drawings and garden notes.  They have also planted strawberries and potted sunflowers, the sunflowers have not completely  matured as of yet.   

Below: a  few Zinnia's in bloom


 Below:  an update on my Cardinal Family.... My Cardinals were not

successful with their second nest in the Wiegela shrub.  here's the link to this story if you are reading it for the first time...  http://vetsysview.blogspot.com/2010/06/cardinals-mate-for-life-and-between.html

Below:  during this same month, last month ...Panini watched mama cardinal in her nest in the Wiegela shrub that is right outside the window...It would always amaze and puzzle me.. when mama cardinal would nest and come back to it.. with Panini staring right at her from the window....

I assume that she was smart enough to know that Panini could not get out.


I stated that Mama cardinal was not successful in her attempt to bring a second baby brood to term in the second nest site.   Below:  " If you were a Mother bird... do you think  you could  bring a baby brood to term with a  face like this one staring at you!

Anywho... " I felt a little lonely after my Cardinals moved on... but they have been replaced by new sites and sounds of birds in my yard... My beautiful Gold finches are back and I hope to capture better and more vivid photos of them later on... My Chickadees are...Chic-a dee-dee- deeing in the trees and bushes as they hunt for bugs... but have not yet.. checked out their New Dinette I made for them..

 Just a little update, scenes and thoughts from my garden. Thank you for visiting my blog.. Do leave a comment.... I love  hearing  from you..


  1. Those look like plenty of vegges to me! :) I also love the random sunflowers that pop up in the garden.

  2. Hello Vetsy! Same here with the veggies - there will always be a next year. You garden looks great!

  3. My tomatoes are taking forever to ripen. So far no peppers at all. Your sunflower is so pretty. You just can't help smiling at a sunflower:)

  4. Monica, Marnie, it's always fun to hear from you, Heather nice to me you and Thank you all for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comments.

  5. Somehow I didn't see the nieces before--they are so cute! Great you can involve them in the garden. My niece and nephew are 25 and 21 now--I miss when they followed me around the garden. (OK, so that was only my nephew, but still!)

  6. Your nieces are so cute! You are obviously a good influence on them with your gardening. I don't have a whole lot going on with vegetables either. I get all excited at the beginning of the season, but after about a month I remember that I like growing flowers better :) Although I grow tomatoes and peas every year.
    I guess it might be a little nerve wracking for a bird to have a cat staring out at them :)

  7. The goldfinches visit me more in the winter when food is more scarce; shortly after they turn from brown to yellow, I see only a few.

    It is so nice that your nieces can share the garden experience with you. Do they live in the same area as you do and can visit often?

    Aren't cats funny? One cat that we used to have, named Amy, would watch the birds, squirrels, chipmonks, whatever, and would make this chortling sound that seem to come from deep in her throat. She would be so still, stare, and chortle.

    What else would you have chosed to plant in your garden? Looks like you are doing pretty good.

    I am hearing thunder; here's hoping we get a soft rain and good soaking. Lately, the clouds that seem promising just drift elsewhere.

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  9. Thank you Catherine, you do a fabulous job with your garden.

    I hope my nieces will be naturals in the garden like you...P.S they like your blog too"

    Hello, Mya.."Yes they live on the same side of town as I.. Here in Michigan we get visits from Goldfinches in the Winter and the Summer.

    They are not very pretty in the winter, But come summer they are some beautiful creatures aren't they..

    Thank you all for stopping by...

  10. oh everything looks just so happy and what a delightfully friendly bird to plant that gorgeous sunflower for you, it's beautiful.
    Panini would put me off having a baby with those eyes - they seem to stare into my soul, eeek!
    Lovely blog, the idea that your neice's are drawing your plants, I would treasure those pieces of art as I'm sure you do xxxx

  11. Thank you Carrie it makes me smile and giggle inside, When I think about what they may say one day about exploring Aunt Vetsy's garden.

  12. Vetsy your garden is great! I'll start with the sunflower--what a happy accident! How nice of your bird neighbors to leave it for you. ;)
    And I love the vegetables, I am also a little jealous that you already have a cucumber! Still waiting for mine.

    Your nieces are too cute, and it's really sweet that they like to garden with you. What a nice thing to share with them.

    Panini is also very cute. I bet he has hours of entertainment just looking out your window. Great post!!

  13. Thank you Angie... Hey I like that description,

    "A happy accident " That's a really cute way to describe it.

    Panini is a crazy female who makes all kinds of facial contortions and noises when watching birds from the window...

    You should see and hear what she does when she see's a squirrel!.. She could do voice overs for the Easter Bunny..

  14. Vetsy, I've been away from blogging for a while. Hope to get back to it soon. Could I borrow your nieces for a while? I'd luv to have a couple of youngster follow me around in the garden and write in a journal. Phillip does gardening with me, but is easily distracted if he has a better offer. Your blog keeps getting better and better.

    Hugs, donna

  15. Thank you so much Donna.. I was just thinking about you.. So glad you stopped by..

  16. beautiful veggies and flowers! the birds and squirrels planted a few sunflowers for me this year too. they even put them in exactly the right spot where i planned to grow sunflowers.

  17. Thank you Emily.. Nice to meet you.

    Lol!.. they even put some in the spot you planned to grow some flowers.. Another happy accident" I borrowed that from Bumble lush..

  18. These photos are so wonderful..I absolutely love your Blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!