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Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm a Chocoholic

I'm a Chocoholic and have loved chocolate since I was a little girl.  It is one of my favorite desserts, treat, or snack.

During the Holidays such as Easter and Christmas, I loved to bite off the ears of hallow milk chocolate bunnies and  the heads of solid chocolate Santas.  At six I had a grown-ups palate and while my siblings all vied for the hard stuff that stuck to your teeth like ..Candy canes, Lollipop and Jellybeans..

I'd pass them up for my Aunt Lillian's Home made German chocolate cake or beg my mother out of her favorite chocolate pecan turtles.                                                  
  Another favorite was Mom's Hot chocolate made the good old fashioned way with cocoa powder and milk, than topped off with marshmallows. ..mmm"

 I can always find an occasion but don't need a reason to indulge in my favorite treat, whether I'm feeling blue" stressed"  bored" or just happy as a lark" there's a chocolate treat to fit my mood...So with this in mind, I will be  starting a chocolate blog soon with all the chocoholics like myself  in mind. http://vetsyluvschocolate.blogspot.com

 So ..what is your favorite chocolate fix? ... Here are a few of mine..Chocolate Almonds, Peacans, Cookies, Pretzels, Milk chocolate, Chocolate cherries, German Chocolate cake, and  Double chocolate anything!


  1. Chocolate cherries, uummmmmmmm! Love them. And I always have chilli chocolate in the house, dark 70% chilli chocolate. Good for the soul x

  2. I've never tried chilli chocolate it sounds interesting tell me more.

  3. I eat chocolate candy every day. I turn down cookies, cakes, and most other sweets I'm offered, because I know I will be eating chocolate, mostly dark chocolate. I still have the wrappers of Lindt Intense Orange, Werther's Original Caramel Chocolate Dark, and a Hershey's Special Dark Truffle on the coffee table my computer is on right now. The last 2 kinds were small pieces, and the first, I ate a couple sections of the bar. I also like those endangered animal ones, but haven't wanted to pay the price they've been. Oh, I like chocolate covered almonds, too. Chili chocolate is not my favorite, but sometimes I'm in the mood for it.

    One of my favorite snacks is to mix Craisins or raisins, almonds and or cashews, and dark chocolate chips.

  4. ummm, that mix sounds good. I'm just beginning to enjoy dark Chocolate, it had to grow on me because milk chocolate had always been my favorite. Thanks for stopping by.