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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Simple things in life are the most fun!

   I was looking for something different that I could purchase to entertain my extremely energetic and easily board nephews.  Video games, computers, and television are all the things they have already and these things that they have.. No longer keep them entertained.. Not at their homes Nor at mine.

This makes it a real challenge for me when they visit or I have to baby sit for long periods.  Back and fourth they roam, from room to room, looking like confused aimless Zombies.
So.. I send them outside and they'll play for maybe an half hour or less, than there' back inside talking me to death until I want to scream! or...they'll  get  into a fight, because there's nothing better to do.

On one of their visits I took them to the park where I walked up on some sort of children's day event. There were clowns, balloons, and games, and   one game in particular caught their attention.

I had seen this game before at places I could not recall at the moment, but had no idea what it was called or how it is played... but soon found out.

 A line of young boys and girls waited patiently for their turn to toss bags of corn into a raised platform with a hole in the top.  If you get a bag in the hole you score 3 points, if it lands on the board or platform, you score 1 point. This continues until someone scores 21 points. thus the name"Corn hole or Corn toss."

 To my surprise my high tech nephews loved this simple game..  Eureka!  This is something I was certainly interested in purchasing to entertain them and other guest who would visit my home. I searched the net and found a website called  ( Woodgamz.com )  They sale the game sets. Yahoo! and hip- hip Hurray!

  Prices range from 24.99 for a table top ( small platforms you can use indoors)  or   99.00 to 179.00  for Tournament size games.  Yes"  Sometimes the simple, uncomplicated things in life can be the most fun!!

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