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Sunday, November 1, 2009


Thanksgiving Turkey
Thanksgiving Turkey,
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Hello! My Blogging friends I'm new here. I hope that everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween.

So let me introduce myself by asking. ... what are you having for Thanksgiving? Do you like to stick to the Traditional, or are you going to change things up a little? I think I may just stick to what I know for now, and that's the Traditional meals and fan fare. I had many Grand ideas about a different menu for Thanksgiving.....

a rack of Lamb, Golden potatoes, green beans and some other stuff I can't recall at the moment.
Sometimes I grow tired of the same old thing every Holiday, and although I had the desire
to create something different, I ran out of steam before I could say gobble, gobble".


  1. Hi Vetsy,
    I came here from Monica's post on dumpster diving. I have been blogging a little over a year. It is fun, and I end up spending more time on the computer than I planned on lots of days.

    I wanted to comment on your first post. My mom, who is 78ish, wanted to cook the turkey this year, and is making her mashed potatoes we all love. My daughter, who is allergic to wheat and soy wanted me to make a green bean casserole she can eat, and I am heating up some frozen corn, and making a couple desserts she can eat. I'm not sure what my sister is bringing. Yes, it's the same old for the most part, but there is always plenty to choose from.

  2. Hi! Sue I happen to be allergic to Soy also and
    Oh my God it's in everything! I have to check things until my eyes fall out!

    Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for stopping by.