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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How we became Cat people

My family and I became Cat people unintentionally.  Cats have a way of adopting people and we seem to be a highly regarded choice on their adoption list.  Stray cats and neighbor's cats alike would find their way into our home and hearts whether we wanted them there or not.

Some were just visitors, dropping in just to say hello, or to get a free handout or a  pat on the head and off they would go.. back to their homes or some other unknown destination.

Then there were the rolling stones. They were the cats that pretended they never had owner's.. Never had a caring helpful human soul to love, pamper and feed them... therefore we had to do it.

Then there came the Feral,  aka.. Alley cats.  Some found us.. while others were found and given to us by friends and other family members such as my kid brother who always brought them home but managed to mysteriously disappear when it was his turn to change the cat litter.

 Oh" the adventures we had with the feral's....there were the Wild..The Fearful.. The Shy.. The Moody.. the Slicer, the Mad, the Talker, the Stalker..The list of these characters and the stories behind these cats that became our pets goes on and on ...and one thing for sure, we learned a lot about cats along the way and we  never  had a dull moment.

I visited the Cats And Dogs blog at  (catsanddogsp.blogspot.com.) because I'm currently a cat owner seeking some info on dog breeds.  Next  year I hope to own a small dog as well.

I love this site/blog.. it is very educational, informative, funny and fun. The  photos of the sweetest most adorable looking cats and dogs will leave you spellbound. You will be entertained and educated at the same time. I would encourage anyone seeking to learn more about pets, pet problems, pets for children or pets  in general to take a look at this blog.


  1. We now have two cats! We already had an inside cat (Kiki). She is the princess, and doesn't know she is a cat. She is very prim and proper! Then I rescued a cat from my work that was about to starve. She is very young (Peaches). Peaches is an alley cat! LOL! She is doing great. However, my husband decided to make her an inside cat as well! Not going very well! Kiki doesn't get into a thing! She doesn't mess with anything at all. Peaches on the other hand....well thats another story! She climbs the tree, sits on the table, climbs into the trash can! LOL! It is a mess! Kiki never did that even when she was a kitten. I guess alley life made Peaches tough!

  2. Dirt princess, aren't Cats crazy fun! It's funny how that No cat is the same! They all have very different personality.. likes and dislikes.

    Once I thought that If one cat chased after birds, All cats would because of there nature, but to my surprise I found out that this was not entirely true at all.

    My neighbors cat a Siamese had No interest in birds..other cats or squirrels like every other cat that my family and I have owned in the past.

    very interesting".