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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm Thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving to all who blog here at blogger.com

First and foremost, I'm Thankful that my family and friends near and far are here to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday with me once again.

 I'm Thankful for the unusual warm winter weather that we have had this November. It's a November that I won't forget. I have never walked out side in a jacket in the month of November here in Michigan,  nor have I ever witnessed flowers still happily blooming in the ground and in my containers.

  I enjoyed the pictures and blogs submitted for Carol's blog and host of Bloom Day, for many gardener's especially for those of us who live in the harsher winter climates were also in awe of the weather. The photo's and blogs that were submitted were entertaining, witty and artistic.

P.S  Thank you  Monica, Carolyn, Carrie, Carol and Sue for welcoming me with your friendly responses and tips you all left on my blogs and email...If I've forgotten anyone, I thank you too.


  1. Hello there Vetsy girl !
    I wondered why I hadn't stumbled on your blog yet .. you are a new blogger : )
    I'm going to have to book mark your blog to come back when I have more time and enjoy your posts !
    And YES !!! what a strange start to our regular winter which hasn't been winter like at all .. this is great : ) .. hopefully it will make this winter seem shorter and we will reach Spring a little quicker ?
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your very nice comments .. I think we are both a little bit of a fan club for those bright white plants in the garden .. I love white geraniums and the smell of alyssum is wonderful .. plus terra cotta pots .. I have a thing for them too !
    I better stop now or I will be chatting here forever : )
    Your blog looks wonderful and I will be back !
    Joy : )

  2. Yes and speaking of quick arrivals, can you believe that the New year is right around the corner.

    I will certainly revisit your blogs in the New year to see what you and the Kitties are up to.

  3. Hi Vetsy, Yes, Thanksgiving is a good time to take stock and be thankful... I'm thankful I'm avoiding the shopping chaos and holiday chaos in general! it's cold here this morning; I even see tiny flakes of snow!

  4. Vetsy petal, glad you had a good thanksgiving. The sun was shining here for a little while but boy is it cold and damp. The blogger family is a great one to be a part of so welcome once again xx

  5. Carrie and Monica, I would not mind the winter season if it were not so long and harsh! Today it was cold and windy which chilled me to the bone..Brr,

  6. Vetsy, while you are enjoying the warmer weather, I am awaiting the colder weather! LOL! It stays so warm here year round, that I LOVE the colder weather! It is pretty chilly here this morning, and I love it! It never snows here, maybe once every 5-8 years, and then it is only a inch or so. You enjoy the warmer weather....I will be enjoying the cooler weather! LOL!

  7. Dirt Princess I think I can understand what you are saying because weather extremes be It Hot or Cold weather can cramp one's style. If it's Too Hot it's hard to enjoy yourself and vesa versa.