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Vetsy is my nickname that my family have fondly called me since my childhood. My blog reflects my personal views about the world around me. My topics may be anything that interest me but the majority of it is about my favorite past times...nature and gardening. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment or becoming a follower.

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Novice plant and garden lover.


I'm a novice gardener and houseplant lover that is not a green thumb, though I try very hard to be.  Gardening and growing plants is one of my favorite hobbies because it relaxes me and helps me meditate. it's a family trait and I'll never foresake it no matter how many plants I kill!

I'm very proud of my current house plants because they try to die on me every winter. The reason is due to I assume .. is my lack of knowledge, lack of sunshine, and  long dark cold ugly gray Michigan winter months.   Last winter I finally learned to stop over watering my plants during this time no matter how dry, ruff and ugly my plants appeared .
During the summer months I like to be spontaneous and just grow what I like. I have tried to make plans during the dormant season, but soon forget them or change them altogether once me and the plants thaw out in the spring.

1. Solar dog and flower pots. 



  1. I"m with you in planting what I like. I did draw up a couple plans for one of my beds when we first dug it, but couldn't find them when I went to plant, so I just plopped things down and moved them around until I liked the way I had them. That's what I've done with my other beds, too. Of course I end up buying more plants and needing to find room for them.

    If this blog turns out to be mostly about gardening, and you want to meet more people, check out blotanical to see if you might want to register your blog there. It can be addicting, too.

  2. Thanks Sue for reading my blog and leaving a tip..It's fun to have friends that have something in common to blog about. I'll check that site out.