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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Panini gets Spayed

Top : Panini in Petco carrier headed into the Michigan Humane Society.
 http:// www.michiganhumane.org

Yaaay! Panini is spayed I'm so happy!....After yowling, meowing, crying and chewing extra holes in her carrier box while riding in the back seat...I feared she may react in a bad manner out of fear and nervousness and the more she cried and chewed, the more nervous I became, because a few days before surgery a receptionist over the phone asked me about her character..." Is she a friendly cat?".. Yes I responded.

Now I'm scared and talking to myself...." Oh God please don't let Panini jump out of the box and run away"  Pleezzz.. don't let her scratch me, the receptionist... her assistant or the Vet.

 Panini begins to hiss...followed by more yowling"...My sister and mother who agreed to accompany me..began to talk and sing to her..It was a car full of noises and bad nerves and I was glad our destination wasn't very far! ...

A clueless.. yet suspicious Panini is taken out of the box.

Panini  isn't sure what all the touching is all about and her eyes are as big as saucers!

When we arrived I was surprised to see Panini was not the only cat for this Sunday appointment.

about 10 people were already in line when we arrived at 8:30am.....Some owner's had one cat while a few others had two... all were yowling and meowing as they peered out of their carriers...  As I signed in and took my place in line I noticed Panini had fallen silent........

And she had remained so.. until they called her name to go in to see the Vet.... To my relief she handled the entire event very well...No one was bitten or scratched.

At 3:30pm I returned to bring Panini home and I am very pleased so far with her surgical outcome...She only needed a small incision and has dissolvable sutures..Yay!

I am instructed to give her ..her medication and watch her closely..making sure she doesn't aggravate her stitched area by over licking it.. If she does she will need a collar.

I'll update later as she recovers.

Bottom left:  Poor Panini is not feeling so well..but she'll recover soon... in a couple of weeks she'll be fine.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kitties come acourting

     Help!..Panini  my indoor house cat is in heat and she is driving me Crazy!                         


Her courting ritual includes but not limited to .. crawling through the house in a strange looking squat with a her tail twisted to one side, If you have not witnessed this before.. you may find.. It's a strange and funny looking sight to behold...She also swims across the floor doing the back stroke.  All hours of the day and night I have had to endure her Meowing, Yelling and Yowling  and one Morning around 3am I almost gave in and put her outside"

House Dashing: ........Dashing through the house with the speed of light, she hits the walls, bouncing off of them with amazing backward flips.. that left me stunned and amazed.

One day I opened my Kitchen door that leads to my basement where I had Panini confined for the day.

( Don't worry cat lover's)  the basement is a cool hang out for Panini where she has a nice fuzzy bed and lots of windows to watch for birds and her lovers. .... I was headed down there to do some laundry and Panini sprinted wildly up eight flights of stairs turning backwards in mid air like Micheal Jordan going for the hoop.....

 Still in mid air she twisted and  planted her back side on the back door like a touch down on a foot ball field!... and once again I was left spell bound and speechless"  What did this mean?  I guess only a cat would know the answer to that. 

Kitties come a courting!

 Garfield:  A big orange cat with mischievous amber eyes.
 Tyrone:  A black and white male cat with a Large head...
 Max:      A Splotchy multicolored cat with Bi-colored eyes

The boy friends are marking everything in sight : Car tires, bushes, basement windows, garbage cans, front door, side door, my porch, my neighbors porch and everything else in between..

I learned that these suitors can smell a female cat in heat from the inside of my house..Wow!
I wondered how these cats found out that I owned a female.

Panini and her quest for love have left me sleepless, speechless, amazed and exhausted... for cat urine and cat antics are only enjoyed by cats..and nature has designed it that way...

So my Panini will be spayed this Sunday 21rst at 8:30 in the morning at the Michigan Humane Society. Yahoo!... Now Me and Panini will be happier and we both can keep our Sanity...I will update everyone on her recovery.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hey! Blogging  Backyard birdwatchers.. the Great 2010 Bird Count starts this Month help spread the word.
for more info go to....

I had fun participating in the backyard bird count. 

Here's my list for February 12th 2010.

Downy Woodpecker - 1)   Black-capped Chickadee - 2)    White-breasted Nuthatch - 2)  Fox Sparrow -   House Sparrow - 50...Those darn House sparrows are taking over my yard!

February 14th:  American Crow - 4 spotted them in Harper woods)   American Robin - 40 saw these in Roseville Michigan outside of  a Tim Horton's.     On the 15th.. No new sightings.

I really enjoyed the bird count because it made me extra alert and I had spotted my feathered friends who I had not seen since 2007/08. The white breasted  Nuthatch couple I call Ben and Brenda was high up in a tree scouting for the black oil seeds that they must have planted in the bark during those years...I was happy to see them again.

I also looked for the return of my feathered friend the Red breasted Nuthatch....I named  Bandit.
He was fearless at my feeder and showed up around the same year in 2007/08..as  Ben and Brenda..
perhaps Bandit  will show up at a later date.

  I look forward  to participating  again next year.

Good bye groundhog!

The MGM Groundhog??Groundhog... you saw your shadow today and now we have six more weeks of winter! well ground hog... I'm use to having very..very.. long winter months here in Michigan...so I can take six More weeks... but won't like it...So next year I'm changing this Tradition and replacing you with a chipmunk!....Yes!....I said chipmunk"....They are cute and chirp like little birds and just like you they sleep underground.

photo credits:  Carl & Art's photo stream , http://www.flickr.com/photos/wiredwitch/with/2468541176/

They too" are done sleeping in February and are wide awake and ready for action! So good bye  Groundhog! and  Say  Helloooo".. to my little friend!


originally uploaded  by Krittergirl of  Flickr.