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Monday, May 16, 2011

" Winter...please let go of my spring !

I was so elated about my Magnolia blooming in the front yard I could cry...

I was very afraid that it was not going to make it this spring because of the unusually cold, , non-stop rainy weather.  Last year in April  it, along with my other blooming shrubs were in full bloom.....every year I stand in awe of it.....  It..along with the Redbud is one of  my favorite blooming trees....

as you can see from the photos May 8th was a nice warm sunny day...It has not been so since.

Below: an odd angle shot of my Redbud located in the back of the yard, it doesn't look very cute up close because the poor thing is dying but it is still putting out a few blooms.

I had a chance to do a little cleaning and weeding in-between the madness. Whenever the rain stopped, I took the opportunity to run outside and do a little yard work.

Below:  In the photos that follow I added flat rocks as a border and removed some rogue weeds. Daises, Tiger Lily, Black eyed Susan's and Fire-witch dianthus  await warmer weather.

Below:  In the back of the yard..I planted Cactus Zinnia's from seeds  from last year... and some Black eyed Susan's. I also transplanted a few Susan's from another area just in case they don't come up. I'll also add new fencing.

Uninvited visitors think they will take over and boss around the other resident feeders. This Grackle and a Redwing couple have been taking over the feeders.

Above are my regular visitors, the Goldfinches, along with the Chickadee's and Cardinals, not shown. I won't chase or wage war on the out-laws for now..for they only pose a small threat at this time, the other birds are still able to come by and feed, we'll see how things go as nesting season begins. In the mean time I hope that this winter like weather will let go of my spring!

Happy gardening to all and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A visit from a Pompoo

     Me in photo above holding Gucci

Today I was out in my backyard enjoying my rain free warm sunny day sipping tea and making future plans for my garden this summer.  While I was  contemplating on this plan, I got a surprise visit from  my kid  brother who was pet sitting for a friend.  In his arms was the cuttest little ball of fluffy fur I have ever seen.

That fluffy ball is called a Pompoo or Pomapoo,  a new breed or hybrid cross that is part Poodle and part Pomeranian. I was so smitten I did some research to find out more about it and here's what I found....

The Pompoo is a sweet, friendly little dog that makes a good pet for families. It gets along with other pets and  is great for elderly owners and good with children, I witness this first hand  as I watched it play and chase my 8 year old  niece around the yard.   
Below: Gucci gives chase after my niece.                              

Like the  poodle, care should be taken not to over pamper the Pompoo or it will become very spoiled . It's hard to resist spoiling such a cuttie pie like Gucci, but it must be done or one could have a possible brat on their hands.


Because of their loyalty and closeness to family, some Pompoos' may suffer from separation anxiety and bark when separated from their owners. However with  training a Pompoo may learn to overcome this if it's trained  early on.

Pompoos require very little space, so it can handle apartment living and smaller yards, but be sure to give it play time and walks because it is an active, fun loving little dog. The Pompoo should be brushed daily to avoid knots and tangles. 

Pompoos' are such sweeties, they will not make good watch dogs although they will bark when they hear noises.  I fell in love with this dog and  may consider it along with a second breed that's a good watch dog.

I would love to hear from you if you own a Pomapoo or another breed that is a good compainion and watch dog.... More info can be found on the net about this breed.....just type in Pompoo or Pomapoo. 

Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comments, I love to hear from you.