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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Life is a Journey… Stop and smell the roses along the way.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated my blog…but I’m not gone … I’m just on a Journey. Life takes us all, through routes, paths and detours we sometimes do not plan for.. or expect.

 When I decided that I would move from Michigan to South Carolina last Oct… I expected some challenges along my new Journey…….

 But an ailing aunt ( now deceased ) and a demanding job... have rerouted my path, thus placing a temporary halt to my hobbies.

 However my biggest challenge (Moving from one state to another) is over. I’m discovering new roads, new paths, plants, nature and people. The culture of the south has certainly changed over the last 20 years. People from all over the country and the world are now calling the south their home.

I am happy to discover and enjoy the parks in my area, Burnet, Milliken, and Cleveland, but I’m particularly fond of a nearby park called Hatcher garden, it’s a wonderful treat for my soul after a long week of hard work.... For now I’m working on making my temporary home a place of respite and pleasure… 

 So here are a few updates….My sister planned a fantastic little birthday get away for her 4 year old daughter at the Peace Center in Downtown Greenville.  Psssst…. It was also a secret little get away for us too…The Lion King had come to Michigan  a zillion times.. but the opportunity to see it would escape us..  Now it was here in Greenville and we caught the next train smoking to get those tickets...

   But before the show..We decided to grab a bite to eat. “hmmm…where should we go?

There’s so much to choose from there’s restaurants all along downtown Main street.  The first restaurant we passed or noticed first... was the Nose Dive.

The Nose Dive  is a Pub style restaurant that serves special wines and handcrafted beer. One of their unique foods on the menu is a Hamburger with fried pickles and spicy ranch sauce….. Mmmmm, sounds like a fun place for a girls night out.  I’ll make a date to gather up my crew…

Unfortunately I didn’t get the name of this cute little restaurant… I was busy staring at the cute little tables and missed it.

 Right next door to the restaurant whose name I neglected to get, was a Mexican restaurant called Cantinflas.  It had an eye catching Mural and statues adorning the right and left wall as you enter the restaurant. I’ll be back to try that garden enchilada.

Were still walking up Main street trying to decide what to eat…..To the left are my sisters and my niece

  Asian food is one of many cuisines  that  I love ....

.At the Hibachi and Asian Kitchen you’ll get your traditional cuisine of beef, pork and chicken and  have the option of course, of dinning in or take out…..They serve sushi, hibachi and sake “Oh Yum! I’ll be back to try this one too.

    Just Next door to the Orient is another oriental styled restaurant called

Sushi Murasaki…What would you like?… the shrimp dumplings steamed or fried, crab and cream croquette or smoked salmon …. “Oh what is a girl to do! Every restaurant on Main Street sounds lip smacking tasty!

  "Oh- snap!...What’s that across the street. ...It’s a restaurant called 
     “Sticky Fingers” and sticky fingers can only mean one thing
  ( Bar-B-Q!)..our feet are moving a little faster now as we hurry across the street. 

Sticky fingers is a BBQ restaurant that serves hickory smoked ribs and barbecue but as you’ll see there are other options on the menu if you aren’t in the mood for Barbecue.  My little sis decided to order the seafood combo….

                   I’m too cute to get all sticky today, so I’ll try the seafood combo

I on the other hand, am never to cute to eat anything sticky when it comes to eating anything barbequed.. that is why you won't get a picture of me eating it....

But I also like seafood so I ordered a seafood rib combo...  My rib came without sauce and it took a minute for me to fiquire out why? I discovered this was done on purpose so that I would have a choice of five or so sauces to try out...

Memphis oringinal, Carolina sweet, Tennesee whisky and a few others but the best in my opinion was the Harbanero.

Don't let the word " hot" fool you... the Harbanero sauce was actually quite mild..but just test a little before you take my word for it, my tolarance for heat may be different....


My other sister and her daughter the 4 year old birthday girl had chicken fingers with fried onion and a side of sweet potato casserole that comes topped with peacans..she  allowed me to teast a little and

“Oh- my sweet diggity dog…  Whose Mama can I slap!

The warm, sweet, buttery, cinnamony flavor  blended with the topped peacans was- down right delicious! Unfortunatley I didn’t get a picture of it.

By the way…. I must give a shot out to our waiter whose name was Bo… Hi.. Bo keep up the good work you made our first visit to Sticky Finkers  fun.

In the following pages follow us and the scenes as we head back to the Peace Center to catch the show the “ Lion King” ……

Below:  This Main street statue is setting at the Main and Washington street intersection and is dedicated to Greenville’s first all black high school.
                                ( Sterling High school 1896-1970 )

 Below: I found these two interesting, I took the photo from the other side of the street , I suppose that one of them is a mermaid I'll have to do some research on it.

Il Porcellino (Italian "piglet") Legend has it that if you place a coin in it's mouth and it falls in the grate below it... you will have good luck.... you can also rub its nose for good luck...

"Okay piggy I could use a Million bucks stat! The good luck boar was donated to Greenville by the friends of Florance; to learn more about the story behind this donation and the organization click here

I love the birds, boat, the fly dude and his dog staring out at me at the
Marry Praytor Gallery



                                  A fountain outside the Westin Hotel

Below: Me and the birthday girl have a chat with Mr. Poinsett.
Joel Roberts Poinsett was a Physician, an American statesmen and botanist. He  introduced that popular Christmas flower we call the Poinsettia in his honor. The Poinsettia is a specie of Mexico and Central America.

( 1779-1851 )

Above: outside dining at the Nose Dive

Further up we pass a tee-shirt shop called Delta Fun Tees..
 I'm never to old for Mickey. I'll be back for that tee-shirt.

We're getting closer to the Peace Center and are now passing the sights and sounds of the Reedy River. There's activity's and restaurants to enjoy on the Reedy river as well.  

We're there Yea! My sister's and birthday girl ahead of me.

I really love the colorful banners and the cast. But I was especially fond of the characters Mufasa and Simba. I don't have Papa Mufasa's banner but have his son's below: How does a Lioness express that a Lion dude looks hot in the cat world?

"Ooo Simba what you like?... Water Buffalo?...Zebra? You know us lady lions will catch what you need to keep them muscles strong...Roooaaaarrrrr!

Once we enter the theater we were told that no photo's would be allowed during the show...Darn It!
 We'll have to settle with what we got...So we took more of these.

The souvenir stands

I bought a Lion King mug you see pictured above and the tote bag below:

My kid sister, my niece and myself.

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Catch the Lion King when they visit your town..I promise they will not disappoint you'll want to see again and again!. There's lots of things to do in here in Greenville and the Upstate Carolina's for more info
 click here: http://www.upstatescusa.com/