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Friday, July 30, 2010

A little Summer Whimsy

" Gee" Where did July go!  Just as I began to enjoy it... It decides to leave me, Here are some of my favorite Whimsical scenes and  happenings from July... Below I made what I thought would be a barrier against those pesky house sparrows.....They usually do not like protruding objects hanging above their heads..But have watched and studied  my chickadee's from the nearby shrubs and learned as I thought they would... how to utilize it"  ... It  makes a cute little decorative piece don't you think"...

 Below:  A chickadee eats from my coconut and has encouraged it's babies to do so as well, I don't however have a photo of them and barley got this one..They are fast moving little birds that are just too quick for my camera .. right a chickadee family member takes a drink from the smaller birdbath.


Below:   I  rediscovered my childhood love for Zinnia's I have always loved their crayon like colors.
I lost the seed package and could not identify them.. Thanks to Sue" of  A corner garden sue  and  Rosey of dung hoe...I learned that they are Cactus Zinnia's Thank you ladies"...

Below:  Panini my female kitty spends countless hours in this window, desperately wishing to be an outdoor kitty.. Here's what I know she was  thinking  because I saw it leap from the shrub to the roof .. " Was that a squirrel ?   " Wow  that was  Amazzzzing!

 Below:  her favorite toy in the whole wide world! Nothing can compare.. Nothing!

Below: goldfinches are such pretty little birds".....

You would think my birds would be spooked by this kitty... But their not, birds are always smarter then they look"

froggy's around the sedums

Below: several scenes from the Detroit river walk.... The sand art was sponsored by Meijers superstore.

 Below:  A carnival ride

  Below:  The Detroit Princess and  many other boats of all shapes and sizes float by in the river as people watch them from the walk.

people walking and watching boats on the River walk

Below:  Children love the fountain that shoots water from the ground..

Below: Soulliere is one of my favorite garden centers.. for garden plants and Whimsical garden art..

 wished I had time to share more...Thank you for stopping by and  leaving a comment I love to hear from you...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A little bit of this and that

  I found this little Momma in my front yard this morning chewing on my grass.  She's a very small, very pregnant little Kitty that belongs to someone in my neighborhood.

Below:  Panini and the little Momma check each other out at the front and side door.. She's a cute little thing and has been hanging around for a couple of days...But  for her safety I hope she'll go home before she gives birth to her little kittens.

Below:   A photo of  my Early girl tomato's after yesterday's rain....

I'd thought they would be bigger after I worked in manure and a few leaves of dried kelp,
But hey"...I'll take what I can get"

Next year I'll experiment with some liquid Kelp... A tip I took from fellow blogger Emily of ...Your apples are my oranges... She placed a few cherry tomato stalks  into a jar of water and  liquid kelp and got little blossoms afterward... How Cool is that!

Below: Lemon cucumbers.. aren't  they cute"

Below:  If I'm not mistaken... I believe this is a sensitive plant
( Mimosa ) that hitched a ride with my tomato plants when I purchased them from a garden center.

Below: A lone cucumber ( a ) and ( b)  Peppers,  Better Belle and Big Red share a container.

Below: My cardinal couple are back nesting in another shrub in my yard, But I'm not expecting little off springs this time around..  It's sort of a wait and see... Maybe or Maybe not..

Below:  Thanks to the greedy sparrows, the chickadees have discovered the coconut bird feeder I made for them.  However they are so quick I did not catch them or their cute little off springs in the photo..

I moved the coconut feeder to a different  location away from it's original site..

( photo on the right below with sparrows ) so that they could have the coconut to themselves.. NOT!

A  few slick sparrows as I suspected  a  few would... are Crashing this coconut party",  but it's okay for now because it's just a few...

P.S if you missed how to make a coconut bird feeder from my earlier post  here's the link..http://vetsysview.blogspot.com/2010/07/coconut-birdfeeder.html

Just a little bit of this and that... Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.. I love hearing from you..

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day 7-15-2010

It's that time again.. The 15th of every Month when participating garden blogger's join our host Carol of My Dream Gardens to post What's blooming in their gardens?

If you like.. go to My Dream Gardens and join in on the fun.. What's Blooming in my Garden?.. mostly Zinnia's.   I just recently learned that there are at  least 20 species of Zinnia's and that they are Natives to Mexico.

I don't know what species mine are because I misplaced the seed package and can't find it any where...So I was surprised to see that they weren't the common  Zinnia's of my childhood these are two feet Tall with flower heads that remind me of Mums.

Below:  Black eyed Susan's

 Below:  Cosmos blooms on the side of the house near the driveway..

 Below: The second flush of pink blooms on my roses ( I believe they are knockout roses but not sure ) also  located on the driveway side of the house.

Below:  Petunia's hang from a basket on the front porch 

Below:  In the front yard.. purple and white petunia's out number a spike plant.  I thought the spike plant was going to get a lot bigger and give a cool look to the grouping...But these spikes were not the one"

 I planted this group of flowers to replace a red, very thorny sick  rose, I once called the "Red Devil"  Rose not shown.

Below: Pansies share a container with sweet alyssums...          

     These are the blooms of today... Happy Garden bloom Day and Thank you for Stopping by my blog.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Veggies, Kitty, Birds and Nieces

 I had planned to grow a lot more veggies this year, but got off to a bad start... "oh well there is always next year...

  I do have a few Beans, Peppers, Tomato's, and a few Cucumbers that I'm relying on,  so I won't complain to much.

 A cute little sunflower planted by accident by one of those birds eating from my bird feeder.

  Below:  Early girl tomato's, bush beans,  green pepper and one little cucumber.


Below:  My nieces proudly follow in their Auntie Vetsy's foot steps.  I keep a garden Journal and they mimic me with their drawings and garden notes.  They have also planted strawberries and potted sunflowers, the sunflowers have not completely  matured as of yet.   

Below: a  few Zinnia's in bloom


 Below:  an update on my Cardinal Family.... My Cardinals were not

successful with their second nest in the Wiegela shrub.  here's the link to this story if you are reading it for the first time...  http://vetsysview.blogspot.com/2010/06/cardinals-mate-for-life-and-between.html

Below:  during this same month, last month ...Panini watched mama cardinal in her nest in the Wiegela shrub that is right outside the window...It would always amaze and puzzle me.. when mama cardinal would nest and come back to it.. with Panini staring right at her from the window....

I assume that she was smart enough to know that Panini could not get out.


I stated that Mama cardinal was not successful in her attempt to bring a second baby brood to term in the second nest site.   Below:  " If you were a Mother bird... do you think  you could  bring a baby brood to term with a  face like this one staring at you!

Anywho... " I felt a little lonely after my Cardinals moved on... but they have been replaced by new sites and sounds of birds in my yard... My beautiful Gold finches are back and I hope to capture better and more vivid photos of them later on... My Chickadees are...Chic-a dee-dee- deeing in the trees and bushes as they hunt for bugs... but have not yet.. checked out their New Dinette I made for them..

 Just a little update, scenes and thoughts from my garden. Thank you for visiting my blog.. Do leave a comment.... I love  hearing  from you..