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Monday, June 13, 2011

Finally there's blooms in June

Last year in Spring my garden plans, my garden, and the weather was a lot different... May started out warm and balmy. I planted a few veggies in containers and added a couple of annuals.

This May, my garden was a little messy... I could not weed or make many plans because the weather started out whacky.. It rained non-stop for 3 months straight with cool temperatures that stayed below 60, I could do nothing but wait it out. As May came to a close, I was finally awarded with my perennial  blooms...

My Spiderworts are back...

 It's not unusual for them to bloom later in the spring and summer season. Last year they bloomed at the very end of May. This year the 2nd week of June.

Below a side view

Below:  My roses on the front gate are looking pretty good...

This year they are lower on the front gate because last year I  clipped them back after they suffered a succession of attacks... beginning with aphids, and then fungus. The leaves curled, and they a long with the canes turned a sickly yellow and were covered with brown splotches.

They have made a come back thanks to a homemade insecticide that follows below... read on...

It.. up close after rain yesterday.

 Below:  Pink roses near the driveway...

I believe they are pink "knockouts" and they too, have come back healthier this year....

2009 and 2010 were a bad year for these tough little roses.. aphids were so unmerciful and relentless I contemplated pulling them up...but not wanting to give up, I searched the net for a organic solution.

There were lots of ready made natural chemicals on the market to choose from, but cost more then I was willing to pay for at the moment.  Armed with helpful tips and a spray bottle, I made a combo of Ivory soap, vegetable oil, and neem.  This combo turned out  to be a success!  

Note:  always use care when testing homemade insecticides on your plants.. Do a pre-test on a  small area of the affected plant first..if no harm is done .... Blast it full force until it becomes saturated .

Below:  The rose of a different kind is back...

This shrub rose ( Kerria Japonica )  is native to Japan, China, and Korea. It's a spring blooming shrub that has no characteristics in my opinion to an actual shrub rose, but I love it just the same. I think it's unique and very pretty with its pom-pom blooms.  I'm still working to bring it back to it's original form and beauty. It is a pass-along- to me, from my mother.

Below: shrub Deutzia Scabra

The Deutzia Scabra ( doot-see-uh ) was covered in painted ladies last May, but not one could be found this  May... I wondered what happened?.... was it due to the constant rain this season?...

Link shows a painted lady...(butterfly)

I  finally put an end to the creeping... of the Creeping Buttercups by removing all of its runners and shoots with a spade and a hoe.

These invasive, but pretty little flowers are now out of commission, only a few remain by choice....
take a look at year's photo... 

Below: the other shrubs:

last spring after all 4 shrubs were done blooming, I tried to trim them into neat manageable shapes, but they had other plans.

Pink Weigela towards the front gate...

Weigela " Eva Rathke"... It's a lot smaller this year due to the removal of dead and dying bark.

Below:  Both photos are from the same shrub, It's a very pretty shrub that I have not yet identified.  Trimming and up-keep are a nightmare! I have decided that flowering shrubs will not have a place in my future gardens, the up- keep is just too much!

Daisies are in the same location but are now crowding the Black eyed Susan's

Below:  A work still in progress...

this area is still unfolding; diathus, phlox, and creeping phlox, have replaced my Cactus Zinnia's.

Below: The robins nested this time around... last summer there were baby cardinals.

There are dozens of hens and chicks, ( Sempervivum)  too many to post.... so I'll just share a few.

Thank you much..for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I also welcome you tips and advice.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gas prices still to high? save on gas with this gizmo

I took this photo back in early May and had been meaning to post it. Consumer's including myself have been complaining about the outrageous gas prices all over the country. Some have said, that gas prices have fallen, as far as I'm concern, gas prices have not yet fallen far enough! 

I have heard that Michigan  leads the country with the highest in price, but I'm not certain if that is a fact or not,  I do know that gas is still  4.00 bucks a gallon and some angry consumers' suggest that we should fight back by parking our cars and opting for a bike instead...

"Well how do you like this gentleman's bike?

I assume he may be homeless, but that's not the point,  take a look at his car bike!...what-cha- think? you got to admit that it's quite unique.