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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Birds and a Butterfly

My attention have turned to my birds since there are no more blooms to post about at the moment..
I did capture a tiger swallowtail  however on one of my cactus zinnia's that are still in bloom...

I was so thrilled because I had not seen more than three swallowtails the whole summer.

One of the sunflowers my nieces planted finally bloomed,  it's three feet tall..

Several weeks ago, I had stated that my cardinal family had three little eggs, but I was not holding my breath" below, dad was back on the job guarding the nest while mom sat on their eggs.. and guess what?

The third nesting was a success!

Below:  The second  little brother or sister... The eldest and biggest sibling of these two flew out of the nest and away before I could snap a picture of it... The entire family have now moved on..

I love my chickadees and even more so this summer... Thanks to my nieces...

I have learned to get them to eat from my hand.. I had tried to train them to eat from my hand earlier back in July when I was feeding them by myself..  but I guess they weren't ready then.. I told my nieces about it and a couple of days ago they came along and gave it a try....

my nieces just held out there hands and in seconds the chickadees were eating from them...
.. Little show offs!

Below:  It takes a thief ....

It is the reason that there are no more tomatoes or strawberries to post about.. I had to stake out like the FBI to discover who the real offender was"  I had mistakenly accused other felons, who almost fit the profile, but this time I have the right thief...

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  1. I bet your nieces love visiting and the fun they have in your garden. I was telling my oldest daughter about trying to feed the chickadees but forgot to try it.
    Amazing that the Cardinals nested three times there!

  2. They do Catherine, I enjoy learning things with them you'd be surprised at what children can teach you.

    My little birds have made my summer this year, I love being entertained by them.

  3. oh my gosh, i can't believe the chickadees just flew right into your nieces' hands! that's amazing. and so cute!

    congratulations on the cardinal babies! it's funny how plain they look as babies considering how stunning they'll be as adults.

    and i'm sorry about your tomatoes and strawberries. what a tragedy, especially the tomatoes. squirrels can be such pests...they usually get my sunflowers but not much else, maybe because they get to eat from my birdfeeder, it's probably easier than raiding the garden.

  4. Such friendly little trusting chickadees!

    I really despise squirrels. I have been battling a pocket gopher over the turnips. So I know where you are coming from.

    Beautiful swallowtails! Good shot!

  5. Emily...I thought the same about those baby cardinals, they sure are beautiful as adults.. I would have never guessed that they would look so odd" but all baby birds look odd to me" lol!

    Thank you Rosey I thought it was Beautiful too"

  6. Your nieces will treasure these pictures with the little birds, and the baby birds - I am so glad you got to see them before they had all gone.

    You know, the swallowtails were about the only butterflies I did see this year. We had our usual toads that come through and one usually stays in the toad house. This year, and I am not kidding, there was a frog, not outside, but under the lid sitting on the rim of the toilet!
    Have no explanation, but I do have a fuzzy picture.

  7. Mya... Thank goodness it was a little frog. I have seen stories about people finding snakes in their toilets..and Not the little snakes, either" on the animal planet.

    I had a toad come and stay just a little while a couple of years ago, I would love to see it again and it can bring it's little frog friends too" If they stay out of my toilet"...

  8. Vetsy, that's a pretty sunflower! The yellow colour is beautiful. Good shot of the butterfly. I hope you will have them coming into your garden continuously. It's nice to see butterflies flying about in the garden :-D

  9. Now that was a beautiful post, I adore the swallowtail photo, the sunflower success and the gorgeous little puffs of fluff that are little chickadees. Extra cute pics of your neices - they remind me of sleeping beauty who was close friends with all the animals in the woods :)

  10. Thank you Steph the summer is not even gone yet and I miss them already...

    Carrie thank you... that's a cute way of describing my nieces and nature I like that!