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Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Planter from vine and coconuts

This unique planter was made by my sister  Nikki who like this vine... is also unique... She is very creative and has a large imagination...

 A little Buddha sits at the base....

 The plant Sagina ( subulata ) below will have pretty little white flowers..... I'll update.

Below: chia sprouts grown from chia seeds.......


  1. What an interesting planter. Looking forward to seeing the blooms of Sagina. It's not a plant I'm familiar with.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Thank you Lorraine I can't wait to see the little flowers bloom, I'm not familiar with it either.

  3. Thanks Audra.... Now if she can only keep that little honey bee out.

  4. What a lovely DIY planter! Love the sweet little plants.

  5. You mentioned earlier in my post how cute... I say this is how pretty!! LOL :D A big shout out to your sister Nikki! I so love the green hues in different texture and shapes. Also the way she planted them in little coconut pots. Again, very pretty!!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful work. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  6. Quite an unusual planter. It will be fun to watch the plants grow and fill in and add character to the planter itself.

  7. Thank you Autumn, Steph and Ann. She hasn't treated her vine yet I'm hoping no other bugs take interest in it. So far she has a visiting honey bee and she is trying to figure out how to discourage it without using insecticide.

  8. love it! so usual yet so natural and just right for growing plants on/in. Like that wee Buddha just sitting meditating at the bottom xxxx

  9. That is so cute!! I love it! I bet those would sell at art fairs. Clever lady! :o)