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Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Little Whimsy

I like a little Whimsy here and there...but I do not like it everywhere" LoL!
 I sound like the Cat in the Hat!

Whimsical characters add a little fun to the garden, porch, patio, or where- ever you chose to place them. There are so many cute little characters both big and small ...It can be hard not to over do it!
For example: I like cats, dogs, kids, birds, bird houses..Suns, Moons, turtles, frogs, Chickens, Roasters, Cows,...Dare I go on! Where would I place them all!

What about you? What Whimsical characters do you like?  Below are three little ladies that I have recently collected I love their little faces.


Lisa likes snails...Notice her hair..she looks like a little bug herself


    Janet likes Ladybugs and apparently a lot of water.. 

Sharon is a rose queen.. She likes climbing roses the best because they have less thorns...

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  1. I like whimsical garden art, too. The trick for me is finding the right spot. These little figure are really cute. :o)

  2. Thank you Casa...I love their little faces.

  3. I like to add cute animals and characters like these! You gave them their names? I haven't done this before. Maybe I should. Great idea Vetsy!

  4. LOL! Yeap Steph I love naming them...

  5. Where did you get these cuties? (If you wouldn't mind sharing.)