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Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Crafty Lady Makes a Visit

Hello, My blogger, Blogging friends.  Yes it's been a while, quite a while !! I miss being here so much! I hope all is well with you all... One day I hope to be back here on a regular basis.

Anywho... A visit from a crafty lady ( Vicki Hay ) prompted this current post  and I'm so happy I'm off work today to introduce her and share her craft with you.

I find these sexy ladies  unique, bold, and contemporary.  I can see these accented in a home with a contemporary style.   Black leather furniture and large abstract paintings come to my mind, but design styles are endless and fun to explore especially when we are accenting with unique planters such as these.

 The one above is my favorite, I like the crazy curly grasses. 
  below:  I excerpted Vicki's  tips and instructions from the comment form on my May 18th, 2013 post and added the photos she provided.

Vicki:   " hi there..i made 1 also but i used a drill hole bit that makes a hole for your door handle. drilled into head still messes job then sealed polystyrene.. layered with pond liner/waterproofed added pot and plant...my lady was a black velvet head added crazy grass looks like a bad perm she looks great.....cheers

Vicki:    "if you cut the polystyrene head in half scoop out middle then use this as a mold to make concrete ones then concrete plaster bits together....or use molding clay layer over head and cut that in half for a mold to make.

Vicki  Thank you for stopping by my blog and sharing your head planters and tips with us.. Nice to meet you... "Vetsy :)


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